Anyone picked up a Sig Sp2022

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Andy W, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. IMHO, it is a best buy:supergrin:

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  2. Most the classic Sigs are aluminum, not steel framed.

  3. glowrod

    glowrod Fightin' Fire

    When I think of Sig, I think of quality steel or aluminum frame. When I held the SP2022 it just did not "feel" like a Sig. I guess GM has Cadillac and Malibu. To me it just wasn't the trademark Sig.
    I would think it shoots well, it is a Sig after all.
  4. I won't be carrying it so I'm going all steel. Hard to find a steel frame pistol these days.
  5. I also prefer all steel. 1911s are actually easier to find now than they were in year's past.

    As for non-1911 steel framed autos, I agree that there are not as plentiful as they were 20 years ago.
  6. Oh, they definitely aren't as nice as a classic Sig P series, but they are good polymer pistols.
  7. I owned one. I kick myself for selling it.
  8. If I hadn't already committed to striker-fired handguns I'd own a Sig 2022.

    It felt very good in my hand, and I've read almost universal praise for this gun. At $400 it's a great value, I'm sure.
  9. "As nice" in what measure? That is because you are biased towards metal frame guns: which by nature need to cost more (more labor to fit, and parts to produce). I have owned classic Sig P's, and I don't think they justify the old school '80s cost differential, especially today, when others can make similar or a clone for much less. You are overpaying for the Sig name.

    Yes GM makes Malibu and Caddy, but the largest portion of what you pay for is the brand distinction-- if they stuffed the same features in the Malibu, or cut out options in the Caddy, it (Caddy) would still cost more. Same with Audi and VW.

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  10. :animlol:

    Ok, good. You buy the plastic stuff and I'll buy the metal stuff...

    If you think the SigPro is as well fitted as an old or new P226, more power to you. :wavey:

    Any more lessons? What other names can I pay for? ;)
  11. glowrod

    glowrod Fightin' Fire

    I guess a Wilson Combat is considered just another metal frame gun with a different name. And here I thought quality came at a premium. Time to trade in the collection and buy myself some Hi-points.
  12. I have noticed the price of a 2022 has risen lately.
    These days for a little more, you can buy a much better (IMO) polymer pistol......Glock, PPQ, M&P, FN.....
    Again just my opinion but I HATE DA/SA pistols.......
  13. From just a quality perspective, I'd put the SigPro on par with some of those other pistols you named. I'd put the Walther and maybe the FN above it on the quality scale. I like Glocks better than the SigPro, but I'm not sure the quality of build is any better these days.

    If you don't like SA/DA pistols, its certainly understandable.
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  14. I'd get a PPQ but the one thing holding me back is that extra mags are almost $50 each (no Mec-Gar option yet) and its hard to find a set of good night sights. Holsters might be tricky to find too. Everybody makes sights and other accessories for Glock and Sig though.
  15. I have had one for about five years and it is a sweet gun for the dollar value.
  16. One of the best values with the Sig name for sure. I have the 2022 9mm, and use to have the 2340 in 357sig (got stolen :( The 357sig version has quite the kick to it. But the 9mm shoots very soft. Trigger feel is just like any other Sig too.
    The best part of the whole gun though is the long slide release! If you have small to medium size hands, this style slide release is really sweet. For the $$$, I can't say enough about this gun.
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