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Anyone know any good bar bets?

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Originalsin, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. Originalsin


    Dec 1, 2000
    I was in a bar the other day and there was a bloke who used a cardboard match from a foldover pack to light a cigarrette, then he dropped the match onto the bartop.

    His mate observed this, then bet the first bloke a beer that he could make the match land on it's side rather than the flat. The first bloke was a bit dodgy about the idea, but I think he felt it was worth a beer to find out how to do it. So he agreed to the bet.

    So his mate grabbed the match, bent it, and dropped it on the bar. The match stayed on its side because it was bent. The second bloke got his beer, after much whinging and carrying on by the first bloke, and spent the next few minutes trying to provoke the first bloke into further bets.

    I've come across a few similar bets over the years. They seem to be fairly popular in country pubs here. I recall one about resurrecting a drowned fly, a couple of pool table based ones, and one that will definately get you slapped by hot women when you try it;f.

    Got any American ones?

  2. I got a friend of a friend that wins money all the time in bars.

    He tells people he has a Cock that hangs below his knee.

    When the people take the bet he lifts up his pants leg and shows them a tatoo of a rooster in a noose on his left calf.
  3. GirlWithAGlock

    GirlWithAGlock Happy Camper

    Jul 13, 2003
    Los Angeles, CA
    This will only work if you smoke Camel cigarettes. Tell your friend that you can smoke the cigarette down to the point where it "says" Camel. this is usually found half way up the filter. When you smoke it till there's no tobacco, or even just before, put out the cigarette. When your friend says.."Hey, you didn't smoke it to the point where it says Camel"! You say..."I didn't hear anything". Coolect your prize!
  4. shu

    shu Millennium Member

    Dec 10, 1999
    pharr, tx
    an interesting bar stunt on which a bet could be made...
    (i can break this bottle with just my bare hands)

    the bottle is broken with a pressure wave.
    fill a beer bottle with water to an inch and half or so from top - or use a just opened bottle of beer.

    grasp bottle by neck with one hand, rapidly slap palm of other hand down on mouth of bottle. if done correctly, the bottom of the bottle will neatly break off.

    this does take some practice. i find it best to wet the hands, so there is a good seal formed as the striking hand meets the hand holding the bottle. i grip the bottle neck rather high, so that the striking hand meets the bottle lip and the gripping hand at the same time. practice so that the two hands meet with maximum flesh contact sealing any gaps.

    as with cracking a hard-boiled egg on the head, you must hit hard enough to do the job; energy of the blow is then absorbed by the breaking object, not the flesh.
  5. Dennis in MA

    Dennis in MA Get off my lawn

    Aug 16, 2001
    Taunton, MA
    HMmmm. I think that would get you TOSSED from most bars. LOL

    I liked the one on GNG. Bet a girl $10 that you can touch her breasts without ever touching her clothing. She agrees. Grab her boobs. Pay up. ROTFLMAO!!!!
  6. Try this at home first.
    Bet that the distance around the outside of the rim of a beer glass or champagne glass is more than its height. In other words it is longer around the top of the glass than it's height.

    You can use a napkin as a measure. Let the skeptic measure it too.

    This is usually true. It is hard to believe due to the optical illusion or something about a round glass.
    It usually works even with skinny beer glasses or champagne flutes. Try it.

  7. fastvfr

    fastvfr Ancient Tech

    Mar 28, 2001
    SW Oregon
    Bet $20 you can make a bar napkin fly up towards the ceiling without touching it or blowing on it.

    Yake a perfectly dry napkin, fold it 45 degrees, so that the fold is nearest to you and the napkin would look like a V from the top.

    Now set the edge nearest you on fire.

    Never failed me yet!

  8. GreyMage


    Jul 10, 2001
    KCMO Area
    Ok, this one is for the drunks out there.

    Bet a friend that you can chug 2 pints faster than they can drink 2 shots. The catch is that they cannot start until you finish chugging the first pint, you may only raise & drink from one glass at a time, and neither of you is allowed to touch the other's glasses.

    Order up the 2 shots and 2 pints, and when they arrive and are sitting on the bar/table in front of you, arrange them all side-by-side with several inches between them. Upon commencing, chug the first pint and invert the empty glass over the shot that is still on the table. Your friend will not be able to reach the second shot without touching your glass, which is against the "rules" and you are free to finish the second pint at your leisure.