Anyone hunt with 357 Sig, if so what ?

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  1. how many folks hunt with glock 357 sigs and for what type of animals.... ?
    Just curious, I am thinking of using my g32 for coyote hunting in the thicker stuff....<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
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    I carry the 32 EDC i really like it. I know of some who have taken deer with the sig and have been successful. So coyote's would be no problem. Good Luck.

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    I carried my G32 for those up close personal experiences for deer hunting. I also carried my rifle. I didn't fire a shot with my G32, but was anxiously awaiting the opportunity to see how well it would do with deer. I did kill a deer many years ago with a Ruger .44mag Super Blackhawk at about 35 yrds. It was no problem.


  4. In rifle season I carry my G35 converted over to 357 Sig. I haven't had the opportunity to shoot a deer yet since the deer taken in the last couple of years have all been outside pistol range, but I have no doubt the 357 Sig is more than capable of taking out deer within realistic pistol ranges. My load of choice is COR-BON 125 gr JHP

    Totally different animal, however the 357 Sig put down my father in-laws pesky armadillo infestation with one well placed shot a piece. Strangely enough those things ran off after being hit multiple times with .40 S&W.
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    Here is a very good read. It might answer why the armadillo's ran with a .40.
    Hope you find it as interesting as i did .

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