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Anyone have an R6?

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by painkiller, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. listed this in the classifieds here but figured it might help to post here too..

    Well since my buddy just totaled my 03 R6 a few weeks back i have no use for any of this.These are all NIB,never used,mounted,hooked up etc.Bike got wrecked before i had a chance to install.

    First up, a Power Commander 3 USB,as i mentioned new in box,all with cables,disc,unit.If you have fueling issues this will help sort them out,as well as give you a little bit of HorsePower-nothing wrong with that!I'm looking to get $265,I paid $319 so i figure thats fair,but will entertain reasonable offers.

    Next, i have a 520 conversion kit complete with an RK X-ring chain,and Vortex sprockets front and rear.This kit will make your bike 15/50.I paid $140 but will take $110 and also entertain reasonabe offers.

    Also i have NIB OEM Yamaha engine crankcase covers with OEM gaskets.Both covers means clutch side and oil side.These would run a pretty penny at your dealership and then the gaskets cost about $11 apiece.Comes with a brand new sealed never open/used gallon jug of Motorex 10w40 full synthetic oil,race formula and Fram oil filter,also new and unused.This entire setup would run you well above $250, and i hope to get at least $175 but as i said earlier will entertain reasonable offers.I just want to recoup some money lost on these parts,as my dealership will not refund me anything other than store credit,which me having no bike or quad i have no use for.
    full synthetic oil and Fram oil filter,also new and unused.PM me with any questions or pictures,thanks for looking.