Anyone have a Serbu Shorty?

Discussion in 'Free Fire Zone' started by Glock!9, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. I have been kicking around the idea, anyone have one? Is it worth it or more of a novelty piece?

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  3. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    I don't have one.

    IMO a 14" barrel shotgun would be great.

    A 3 shot, 6.5" barreled shotgun with a pistol grip would be painful to shoot, and less effective than a G17.

    I have shot several 18-20in shotguns with pistol grips and found them unpleasant. The Serbu appears to be downright painful.

  4. Have got to shoot one, they are fun, but not sure if really worth the money. I have too much other stuff I want still.
  5. I bet it makes one hell of an anti-carjacker gun, but not something I would use for HD. if you wanna go short for HD use, I'd second the suggestion of a stocked SBS.
  6. Do you have any specific suggestions?
  7. You can do either Mossberg or Remington guns with sub-18" barrels. To be honest, though, there's probably not enough advantage inside a home to make it worth all the headaches. If you *want* one, then go for it. Or just save yourself the money, headache, and wait and buy an 18" Remington or Mossberg of your choice.
  8. josp

    I have one. Love it. It does kick, but no more than a 44 mag, and that's with 3" shells. I have used mine for dove hunting (just cause I could) but mainly use it as a home gun, and one for the camper. Bought it used for about half of new price.
  9. I have one!! It's a Remington 870, and I think I paid 750 for it. Then the 5 dollar stamp. It's a cool thing to have but it's not that fun to shoot. I think my friends have shot it more than I have. It sits in the safe 97% of the time, but I'm glad that I still have it!!
  10. I agree with the group that a 7" shotgun is a lot of fun, but not practical. I would also add that I prefer the Safety Harbor Firearms version to the Serbu.

    The practical application, in my opinion, is the 10" Mossberg from Safety Harbor. If you buy it, you can submit a Form 1 to convert it to a short barrel shotgun. You can add a stock when the ATF sends back the approval. That gives you a 10" barrel 12 gauge with a stock, and that is a great way to control your bedroom.
  11. Why not SBR a saiga?

    Seems like a magazine fed shotgun would be preferable to a tube fed shotgun when shortening the barrel as much as possible.
  12. Really? I have a 20inch Mossberg 500A with a pistol grip, it's not unpleasant at all for me. I even hold it up at eye level and have shot skeet with it. I'm not a big guy by any means either, but you do need to hold this thing right.
  13. Have one, don't shoot it much. It kicks my ass even with the bulk pack sport loads from Walmart. Usually get about 3 rounds out of it before I'm done.

    That being said, I love it. I only have about $100 in it after some horse trading and winning a raffle. I had a shop next to Mark and he is a super nice guy to deal with and that is worth something to me.
  14. I happen to live in Safety Harbor. Serbu builds out of the garages that house an awesome guitar builder/repair duo.

    I happen to own neither...
  15. I have a 10" that controls my bedroom just fine....and it doesn't require a permit.
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  16. Fireman1291

    Fireman1291 Firefighter/EMT

    I use the SSS at the end. With the hogue tamer pistol grip its a piece of cake to shoot even with buckshot. I would never use it with the stock grip

    [ame=""]My Wife & I at Knights Shooting Sports - YouTube[/ame]

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