Anyone got 9mm in stock?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Fwdftw, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Anyone seen 115gr FMJ in stock anywere? needs me some mo projectiles.

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  3. Cabelas's has some Berry's available in 250-count boxes.

  4. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    WTF? You need an english teacher more.
  5. I think you need to pick a bullet/supplier and order them... and wait. You need to get orders like this into the pipeline, never letting your supply get down to zero.

  6. My wife is a teacher :D

    I can speak English just fine buddy!
  7. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    How would she grade a student that wrote something like that?
  8. I think Fwdftw was joking around in his OP, Red.
  9. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

    Looks like PD is up to 8 weeks back order... and I know MG is up to at least 4 right now.
  10. Bazinga

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  11. Fwdftw,

    I think SARDG hit the nail right on the head; "I think you need to pick a bullet/supplier and order them... and wait..."

    I have an order in at Precision Delta Just after Christmas and it looks like I may be getting it sometime mid/late February.

    So put an order in and sit tight because everybody is going through the same thing. :dunno:
  12. sellersm

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    I believe that PowerBond bullets has some: Powerbond 115gr RN

    Pretty sure they're doing free shipping now too...
  13. Those Powerbond bullets are plated, not FMJ, correct?
  14. sellersm

    sellersm disciplinare

    PowerBond bullets are plated, but very thick, like Xtreme bullets. You can run them like FMJ...
  15. I called and left a message to check availability. Decent price at 93

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  16. WiskyT

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    About the same as when he leaves his towel on the bathroom floor.
  17. dkf


    Pick up some cast bullets and work up a load with them. You can buy more cast bullets for the same money vs FMJ.
  18. Thank you...
  19. My local Walmart had 9mm Winchester 100 white boxes and also .223 today at that was at 6:00 PM!
  20. sellersm,

    Thanks for the info on PowderBond bullets I wasn't aware of these guys, I do not need any 9mm bullets right now but it is always good to have multiple sources. :thumbsup:

    Off their web site about their plating;

    This does put them loosely in-between Rainier's plated bullets and say Precision Delta's FMJ bullets... not too shabby.

    Well they got my curiosity up... but (as the old saying goes) you remember what that did to the cat. :whistling:
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