Anyone ever shoot a dog/ bear? Would a 10mm be worth it over a .45?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by alfred10, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. I am a .45 guy. Its smooth, I shoot it well and fast.

    I spend a great deal of time in the woods. Sure I am going to get a 500 smith but there are sometimes when I just cant carry it. I would only carry a 500 if I was going deep in the woods. I also spend time in a city where dogs are often loose and bites are a growing problem.

    Back up gun: I currently carry a ruger LCP with gold dots. I feel this wont save my butt from a dog. This gun will be carried on my weak side front pants pocket. Will a 2 inch .38 special or 2 inch .357 mag reliably penetrate a large dogs skull? Is it worth the switch from an LCP? I figure its less shots but cant be pushed out of battery. I am looking at the S&W 340 with laser grips.
    What should I load it with?

    For my coat pocket I am looking for a shrouded revolver that can be fired within my pocker. I can go larger with this since I have large coat pockets. Looking at a 2 inch .44 special/ 44 magnum/ 8 shot 357 magnum. It can be larger but I want a hammerless revolver that I can carry and fire within my pocket. My fear is velocity loss in a small barrel if I go with a .44. I wish S&W made the night guard in a shoruded model...

    Now for EDC I either carry a Glock 21/30/or 1911 all in .45acp depending on the weather. Would a 10mm Glock 20/29 give me enough of a penetration advantage to spend the big money on two new guns/ ammo/ and practice with a rare round? I would more likly get the 29 to carry at work over the 30. How much more penetration would I get and is it worth all the money and possibly me shooting it less proficiently?

    I carry the Glock 21 &1911 IWB or fanny pack. The Glock 30 is my cargo pocket gun at work where I cant wear a IWB. Should I replace the 30 with a 29 or is it apples and oranges? My concern is penetration on a large pitbull or bear.

    Will any of these work on a bear better than the other or am I out of luck?

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  3. What sort of encounters do you plan on having? Which region are you in?

    The 10mm is a bit stronger, but they're both service calibers at the end of the day. In barrels that short, the difference in energy is even less.

  4. I'm no expert but what area do you live in that you would encounter both bears and pitbulls? And I would think a 45 or 10mm at a reasonable range should be able to take down any dog or coyote. As for bears, I dont have an answer for you. And why specifically pitbulls, shouldn't you be concerned about any type of stray/diseased dogs? Pitbulls are dogs just like any other breed, the fact you are specifically targeting them is a little disturbing to me...
  5. Roger G23

    Roger G23 Glock Guy

    We all know 10mm is the one of the main pistol calibers of choice for hunters.
    I think if you use 185 grain +P .45ACP it 'il work. Have you seen the velocities and muzzle energy of these rounds?
  6. I think that a .45 will do pretty much anything a 10mm will do. Cor-bon has some lighter .45 loads that move pretty fast. Some people say that 10mm is on a whole different level, and they may be right, but for dogs .45 is more than adequate. Bears? Id rather not be trying to take down a bear with either, as a heavy rifle round would be much safer in that situation. I guess the way I look at it is that if you need something more powerful than a .45, you need something more powerful than a handgun.
  7. Well said
  8. repolady

    repolady Legal Thief

    You are seriously terrified of dogs man. I would reccomend working in a cat rescue and never leaving home besides that.
  9. No bears here, but when it's chupacabra mating season I am mighty confident going outside with the Ten or the model 57...
  10. I've put two animals (pets) down with a shot to the head. First was a dog with 9mm Glock and she was still alive after the shot. Next was a horse with a .45 and she dropped instantly...was dead on her feet for the split microsecond before she dropped.
  11. deeHKman

    deeHKman "It Is Written"

    I have both a 21sf and 20sf. For dogs either is fine. The 10mm for a bear is not wise at all. For bears i would go with 44 or 45 long colt revolver loaded with Heavy HardCast bullets. You can get HC lead for a 21 also for deep penetration.
    I give you this advice that i got from a friend and he was tracker for many years and is a member here i hope is he will see this this thread and help alot more than me. I saw the childish comments so i chimed in. If you use a stock glock barrel just stay at or below 200gr HC go heavier and the risk of keyholing starts. BTW i worked for a Vet. thru school i have seen what a pit bull can do in fact i had one encounter with one not fun.
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  12. the woods, then in the city....gun in pants pocket and one in coat pocket, another in fanny pack and one in cargo pocket....large pitbull and a bear

  13. deadmonkey90

    deadmonkey90 Pro Bass Angler

    I once ran a deer over with my car, got out to check on him and he was still clinging to life. i shot him with my glock 29 (10mm) to finish him off and called a local farmer to get what he can out of him. 1 10mm round wouked just fine. remember i was also close range with a 3.78 in barrel.
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  14. jtull7

    jtull7 Pistolero

    The OP has three different threads going at the same time. All are about shooting or slashing pit bulls or bears. All of them are troll threads, in my opinion. (One in General Glocking, two in GNG). One of the threads is incomprehensible.

    Alfred10, you are only 15 years old, aren't you? Come on, fess up!
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  15. My back yard used to have bears (state forest), and I saw my share of bears up close and chilling in my back yard. If I had to take down a bear with a pistol I think I would rather have more rounds to unload to increase my odds of a "critical hit" with any decent bullet than plan on taking a bear down with a .45 vs a 10mm... I figure a pistol round would just piss off a bear if shot at center mass.
  16. we just took out 7 hogs with a .22 to the head. no issues.

    close work, any caliber would work.

    for a charging poodle and or bear, i'd go a tad bigger. backed up with a bag of milkbones.
  17. Why would you shoot a dog?
    A bear only if you are in danger, but that's mainly because you are invading his territory, but a dog????
  18. ede

    ede Bama's Friend

    i've killed pit bulls, 115gr, corbons work just fine from a G19.
    killed a few other dogs with a .243 and varmit bullets, works as well on dogs and groundhogs. no experience with bears but i'd lean towards a 12ga. with #4 or #6 for the first round and aim at the face to take out eyes and nose followed by slugs.

    my son has shot a lot of deer in the head with a .40 and he says the results are less than desired a lot of times.
  19. I travel alot so I would want a gun that would work well in the city for dogs and woods for bears if possible. I am targeting pitbulls since they seem to be one of the largest stray dogs that I tend to see running on the street. They also seem to have a thicker neck and larger skull and gangster types seem to usually have these dogs.
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  20. I am not proud of it and I wish I would not have done it, But I dropped a dear with 1 shot a .22 killed it instantly ( forehead )
    still sorry to this day........
  21. Pepper spray works great for both dogs and bears- probably better than you can hope for your "leetle" pistol on a 35 mph lunging bear.

    For deterrence, you do not need much for dogs, again human strength pepper spray. Hope you do not shoot any innocents in trying to hit a "attacking' dog...

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