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Anyone ever heard of HI WIRE?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by SkyStorm82, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. All of my anti-spyware programs pull up a hit called Hi-Wire. Anyone know what this is? For some reason I think that it's part of something I installed so I haven't been deleting it. Maybe because I have a wireless thing called 2Wire hooked up to my laptop I think I need to keep the HiWire.;g ^8

    ETA: It seems to be connected to MusicMatch somehow. That particular program was already installed on the laptop when I bought it.
  2. Be careful where you get your info.Some websites are fakes to install things on your PC.This website seems okay.

    Hi-wire I think came in Limewire.Newer version of Limewire are suppose to be spyware/adware free but don't count on it.

  3. I hope not...I was browing thru a bunch of threads here and I them from links you posted;) Thanks by the way.

    What is HI-Wire anyway?
  4. That last link you provided mentioned lavasoft in it. I have AdAware installed and I believe they are from that where the Hi-Wire came from?
  5. No,I think Lavasoft detected it and F-Secure repeated what Lavasoft said about it.