Anyone else want a Gen 4 Glock 33 other than me?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by clarkstoncz, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. I made a foolish move a few months back by selling my
    Gen 3 Glock 33 in favor of waiting for the Gen 4s.

    However, the Gen 4 Glock 33s have been slow to appear.

    A few lucky ducks have them but most places have not seen them yet.

    I did spy a GEN 4 Baby Glock, probably a G27 at a local
    shop the other day.

    Will try to get back there and handle it.

    Some people have remarked on how rough the Gen 4
    texture is. I plan to add the grip sleeve like I did with my
    old Glock 33.

    I'll also want Nites on it as well.

    Anyone else have a Gen 4 G33 on his or her list?

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  3. I want one of each LOL.. or better yet all of them..

  4. I'd like to own a Glock 6 Pack someday.

    All .357s.

    Gen 3 G31, G32 (my current gun) and G33.

    Gen 4 G31, G32, and G33

    Not that I'd turn down a G36 or G29SF.

    I'm just really attracted to those Glocks with .357 on the slide.

  5. I'd like to get one, but my current G33 has the shiny/teflon-looking finish and a really great (no bump on the trigger bar) trigger. It would have to be destroyed or lost for me to replace it.

    I'm pretty sure that the barrel could safely be moved over to my G27 Gen4, too, but in my mind, it would still be a G27. Kind of like my G22 with a G31 barrel--it's still a G22.

    I really enjoy loading this caliber, and all of my Glocks don't have any problems eating and spitting out anything I've put together on the reloading bench so far.

    So, to answer your question, YES, I'd like to have one, but only after I acquire the G29 Gen4 and the G38 Gen4 model (if that will ever be produced.)
  6. me too. My wife loves her G33 and carries it often, of course it will always play second fiddle to her FiveSeven.
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  7. As soon as I find one I plan to sell my gen 4 27. I know I could just swap barrel in the 27, but want the .357 on the slide
  8. The stamp of excellence:)
  9. Yes it is the only gun I'm after right now and it's driving me crazy that I can't find one. I got a gen4 g32 and its filthy good. I almost buckled waiting on it and almost bought a g23 instead, but I held strong and now I'm glad I did. I plan on doing the same for the gen4 33
  10. I'll keep my gen 3.
  11. I think I'd like a gen4 31 more. My dad had a gen3 32 that I never got to shoot before it got stolen, but I remember it kicking ass.
  12. I have a Gen4 27 and really prefer the grip over a Gen3.
  13. Others have said the same about the grip.
  14. I never met a Glock I didn't like:rofl::rofl:
  15. GCT00427

    GCT00427 Tenn Hillbilly

    There were some new blue label Gen4 33's when I picked up my Gen4 17 last Tuesday with the good old GSSF coupon. I have to admit that I considered getting the 33 instead. I had a Gen3 32 that I sold recently to consolidate calibers. Nice pistols.

  16. I think I'll keep my Gen 3 G32 as it shoots all loads so good.

    My 50th is in March, so I'll just save towards the goal of a Gen 4 G33 around then.

    After that, a Gen 4 G31, and maybe a Gen 4 G32.. if not a Gen 2 G32. LOL!

    As long as it has .357 or .357 SIG on it:)

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