anyone else offended by this?

Discussion in 'Freemason's Lodge' started by jakebrake, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. jakebrake

    jakebrake cracker


    at about the 12-13 second mark, look at the ring on the devil (as portrayed by willem dafoe.....real stretch there)...yup. s&c.

    strikes me as odd, that since we have all the money and rule the world, that mercedes would want to tick us off. (i hope you noted humor in the money and ruling thing)

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  3. Paul53

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    Not a Mason but I could see where that ring would upset you. Was hard for me to catch on my laptop, how did you ever see it?

  4. At 1:19 there's a close up of it.

    Have a great gun carryin' Kenpo day

  5. Uh, no. Why would it?

    Then again, I politely turned down an invitation from a good friend (older mentor type) to join a lodge many years ago.

    Maybe my skin's just thickened a bit over 60 years, though. It was a TV commercial ...
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  6. jakebrake

    jakebrake cracker

    just the whole freemason= satanic connection. it just seems that mercedes has a lot of stones to take a swipe at freemasons and freemasonry, when you look at their history.

    and hey, if you want to go with that logic, since the freemasons have all the money, and pick ther world leaders, etc, etc, is poking a stick at the masons really wise?

    just sayin'.
  7. I'd not be willing to make any of those leaps, myself. :whistling:

    Of course, if you really enjoy the trip on the occult/conspiracy road, or simply seeing where other folks go with it, you might enjoy this book, since it includes references to some of the groups some folks like to link to world affairs ... Sex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons: John Carter, Robert Anton Wilson: 9780922915972
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  8. The head bad guy in the league of extraordinary gentlemen movie wore a similar ring. We have been the target of certain people for centuries. I won't get into arguements with the profane. tom.:cool:

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