Anyone Done a HOME CUSTOM JOB on a Pardner Pump or the IAC HAWK Series??

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by Nalapombu, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Nalapombu

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    Hey all,

    I've been seeing some pretty good deals lately on the Pardner Pump shotguns and the IAC HAWKS, the 981 and 982. I have handled both of them and they felt great. Some say the HAWKs are a tad too heavy, but I didn't think that.

    Anyway, I have been thinking of picking one up for cheap when I find a good USED one and turning it into a HD shotgun. I wondered if anyone else has done this or has thought about doing it? I am told that nearly all of the accessories that are available for the Remington 870 will fit on any of these models except for barrels. The barrels are also pretty inexpensive should you need one too.

    One model that I have thought about quite a bit is the Pardner Pump Youth 20 gauge. It has black synthetic furniture, 21 inch VR barrel with choke tubes, hold 5+1 too. It looks like it would make a great HD shotgun. The only thing I would do is try to find a 1 or 2 shot extension and a light mount.

    What do you all think about these shotguns as a base for a good HD shotgun? Ever wanted to do it? If you have, how about telling about it, your results and experiences and recommendations. Also, include PICS of your build.

    I figure if I can pick one up for $100 or slightly more, why not give it a try and see how things turn out? At worst I might end up with a shotgun to use on hog hunts.

    What'cha think?



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  3. MrMurphy

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    It's like putting spinner rims and a flatscreen with DVD player into a Yugo.

    For how inexpensive a used (dependable) 870 can be found, I won't be buying anything Chinese.

  4. Nalapombu

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    Yeah, show me an 870 that can be had for around $150 and I'll gladly abandon any idea of buying a Chinese 870.

  5. I just bought a Pardner Protector 12ga pump strictly for HD. Except for the synthetic stock, it looks and feels exactly like the 870 that rode in my squad car when I was an LEO. I see no need to modify it in any way for its intended use - the longest possible shot inside my house is only about 12 feet. No flashlight, laser, or other fancy sights needed for that. And if 6 rounds of 00 buckshot don't take care of business, I'm screwed anyway.
  6. What Murph is saying is sound advise, however by the time you find this clone, do a bunch of stuff to it you can get an 870 HD with $30 rebate on it or a Mossberg 500. I always wonder why someone would want to go cheap when their life is on the line. Not that you need some high dollar gun to defend your life and the life or the life of your family but spending $300 to $350 for something that is factory new and under warranty for two years and will be used to protect yourself with is not unreasonable. However, if you are confident taking a used clone that you reworked to a gun fight then by all means go for it. You have the satisfaction that you built it and it will work every time you pull that trigger and that is what matters.
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  7. MrMurphy

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    Around here, nearly NIB 870's (28") can be found used for $200 regularly. Mossberg 500s, $150-200. I've seen 870s for as low as $130-150 if they're a bit more externally abused, but the actions are fine. Trim the barrel to 18.5", refinish it, have it checked out and you're in business.
  8. I have a friend who has the Hawk. Pretty nice, if a bit rough. I'd just get a light for that and call it done. Maybe a cuff.
  9. Nalapombu

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    If I could find a decent, finish not important 870 12 gauge or 20 gauge for $150, I wouldn't worry with the Chinese copies. I look and never find them. A new 870 Express at Wally is right at $300.

    The Pardner Pump I was talking about earlier is a 20 gauge YOUTH model. It already is a 5+1 and I thought it was a 4+1, that's why I asked about a +1 or +2 for it.
    Then I would look at the LOP of it and whether I would need to add some length to it so it would fit me well.
    Lastly, about every other day I read where it's damn near mandatory to have a light on your HD shotgun. Then I read that NO, you don't need a light on it.

    I've never had a DEDICATED HD shotgun and when I do get one, I'd like to go and take one of the HD shotgun classes. My understanding is that most of those classes want you to have a light on your shotgun. I have never had a firearm with a light on it, and I thought that if it is that important maybe I should get one. I can see the benefits of having one on your HD shotgun.

    Please understand, I am NOT talking about picking up a Chinese 870 and then CUSTOMIZING it by adding $200 or $300 worth of stuff to it. I wouldn't do that. If I did get one and if I added anything, it would be very MINIMAL stuff. I would not have a shotgun with stuff hanging all over it or add things to it just because I can. First, I hate that stuff and think it's gaudy and Second, I don't have that kind of money to be spending on stuff to add to my shotgun.

    If I went with the IAC Hawk shotguns, they come in 12 gauge and the 982 is already configured the way I would want it, nothing would have to be added to it. The 981 is rather plain and could stand a few minor touches, but that's about it.

    I would likely go with a Pardner Pump before I went with the IAC shotguns though.

    I wouldn't mind a Mossberg 500 either. I never see those for cheap either. Since the gun insanity, I haven't seen any HD shotguns from Remington or Mossberg for less than $250 or so.
    The other day I was looking in a TEXAS Classified page and there were quite a few 870's listed, most priced well out of my reach, but there were a couple that I thought looked interesting.
    One was a USED 12 gauge Express with VR 26 inch barrel. The owner lists it as being in good shape with probably 1,500 rounds through it in a little over a year. He used it for Clay Target shooting with his buds on weekends I think. His firm asking price was $265. That's when you can buy the same gun for $295 at WalMart.
    That's the kind of stuff I see.

    Thanks for the advice and help everyone.

  10. This may help you out. The Remington 25549 is the 4+1 Express HD model. It comes with synthetic stocks and an 18.5" barrel. If you go to gun broker and enter "Remington 5549" you will see them as low as $311, also, there is a $30 rebate until December 31st on that model that Remington send you. E-mail the seller and ask for lower shipping because he is Alabamma which is close to you. Try and get shipping down to $20. Yes, you have an FFL transfer fee but no sales tax. So after you get the rebate you are into it for around $300 plus your ffl fee. You now have a solid fight shotgun that I would take to any gun fight. Upgrade what you want in your own time as your wallet allows. Doing this and getting a new weapon with a two year warranty is the way to go if on a budget.
  11. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    I agree with aippi. The Hawk may be a perfectly serviceable shotgun, but with the 870 and 500 so readily available and cheap why go for something else.

    My big factor would be the Surefire fore end light. Not sure if the 870 model will fit the clones or not. IMO the Surefire light is a necessity, and the only light I will put on a fighting shotgun.
  12. I own a 20ga. Pardner youth that I use for HD. Great little gun. Built like a tank.
  13. I just picked up a Remington 870, standard laminated wood for 339 after a rebate. I bought a 18.5" night site rifle site barrel off of MidwayUSA for 159. If I can sell the brand new 26" barrel to someone for 75 bucks I think I will have around 480 in the whole thing. The Pardner pumps were like 215 or something. I have always wanted a wood stock 18 inch 870 so it was a no brainer for me.
  14. Buffering

    Buffering The Cooler

    What the others have said about purchasing a name brand gun, either NIB or used, is spot on.

    You are naturally concerned with the gun firing should you ever need it however it's not the first shots from the gun that I'm focused on. It's the 5,000 round because it means I've trained with the first 4,999 shots, established my capabilities and I know the gun is durable and will be there if necessary.

    Unless it's a fun gun, your focus should be on the long term use and reliability.
  15. Nalajr , I would buy a new Maverick w/ 18" bbl. and call it a day. tom. YMMV. tom. :cool:
  16. GlockPride

    GlockPride Glock 23

    I've got several 870's and a Pardner Pump 12 ga. The pardner was $160 new. Great little 870 copy. Rides cruiser ready in the wife's SUV. If stolen not a huge loss like $350 870.
  17. dregotglock

    dregotglock CHL Instructor

    Several of my coworkers have IAC Hawks for HD and general purpose shotguns - nothing wrong with them. They can be had in a couple different configurations - the most common here is the 982 with Ghost Ring Sight for around 170.00+/-. Every one that I have shot has been excellent and I would have no issues relying on one for hd.

    Maverick 88's will also fit the bill nicely if on a budget.
  18. Seems like those who actually have the guns in question like them. Anyone who is suggesting against the Chinese clones have any real experience with them?

    It's a little curious being as that other Chinese guns are generally well regarded.
    Copying a pump shotgun ain't exactly rocket science.
  19. Correct evaluation, however, these are not the people that work on these weapons. They are end users and are seldom inside these clones where the differences are real. SAAMI standard rule in the USA and you are assuming they are followed in the countries building these clones. Manufacturing processes are strickly followed in the US as these companies live in fear of litigation for fautly products. In the clone world their are "cut offs" protecting the foreign manufacturers. It would be nice iF an attorny who has knowledge of this would post in and validate that point. If you have a clone you are buying a product that looks like, performs like or somewhat like the real thing. You are not getting the same quality in a product that will last like the original.

    Years ago the Ithica 37 was used as one of the first clones from Chong dong or something another Machine works in China. I picked on up for a cheap weapon to leave at a Cabin. Man that thing worked great, almost as smooth as a 37. 20" smoth bore with rifle sights. Decide to keep it to play with and many hundreds of rounds when through it by me and by friends. Could not belive how great it shot rifled slugs. One guy shot it and swore the barrel was rifled until he walked back up to the bench and looked and saw it was a smooth bore. In the Winter I do complete stripping of all my guns (nothing else to do up here in the winter) and once inside that clone I realized the differences and the poor workmanship. Yes, it worked and it shot fine. It was not the quality of the Ithica 37 in any way.

    If you want to buy a clone and tell yourself it is the real thing then that works for you. However, to state that to others is misleading and does not do the issue justice. It would be better to say that for the money they can be a good value depending on the intent of the use, the volume of use and what you are expecting from a firearm. That would be the fair thing to say about them.

    And yes, to copy anything is easy. Also, to manufacturer the item with same quality can be done, however, they do not and they do not have to.
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  20. It is my understanding that many of the Pardner's parts are manufactured in Remington's factory.
  21. NO, only the Handi Rifle is manufactured there. I know this as a fact as I was at the facoty in April and walk the floor they are built on and all the floor. No pumps shotguns other the 870 and the POS 887 are manufactured in Ilion.

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