Anyone been packing heavier lately?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Short Cut, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Man, the facebook comments about this story are brutal!!! I can't believe people are willing to be that openly racist!!! Im just as frustrated as everyone else with the liberal media for ignoring this story, but damn.....
  2. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    Same as always - G17 with 17 rounds of WW115gr JHP+p+ and 16 rounds in a spare mag. Things are quiet here in VT.
  3. Short Cut

    Short Cut PatrioticMember


    Excellent point!
  4. I think reacting (changing my habits) to recent events in the news would make me a little irrationale.
  5. Patchman

    Patchman Florist

    Still the same ole' G19 with a spare mag. Plus always a cell phone. That has always been my worst case scenario (ie: 'active shooter') load.
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  6. I've switched from usually carrying a Sig 226 .40 cal or P220 to carrying either my G19 with an extra mag or my P226 with the 20 round mags. Also I'm now carrying at least 1 spare mag always. It is more because of the season then other things.
  7. If I need to go heavy, I'll bring a rifle.
  8. racer88

    racer88 NRA & SAF mbr

    No change for me. G27 (9+1) and spare G27 mag in weakside front pocket (in DeSantis Magpacker).
  9. RPVG

    No change. G30 with a 10-round mag.
  10. This has been my exact load out for years and still is.

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  11. racer88

    racer88 NRA & SAF mbr

    I also carry a 2-oz Fox Labs pepper spray (also left pocket)... a Swiss Army knife and one of my Spydercos (right pocket).
  12. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    I was seriously thinking of replacing my CCW G17 with a SA M1911A1 .45 for the winter months, but I shall keep my G17.
  13. Deployment Solu

    Deployment Solu Kydex Crafter

    No change. My EDC is an FNH 5.7 pistol with 4 spare 20 rd mags. All that weighs less than my G21 empty!!! 101 rds should be enough for almost anything except an LA BOA type shoot out.For that, I'll go the the .308 rifle!!!!

    I'm not out on patrol anymore, so I bring the fight to the bad guy, not vice versa.:wow:
  14. janice6

    Platinum Member

    i carried a G27 for many years, more then ten. I changed to a .357 Magnum snubby. Then I changed to a 4 inch .357 Magnum for the added muzzle velocity. My rationale is, if I can, why not. I love shooting this gun. My 10 year old G'son likes to also.

    I carry 12 extra rounds in speed loaders.
  15. racer88

    racer88 NRA & SAF mbr

    They are lightweight, but they do take up SPACE. Where do you put them? Dare I ask?? :whistling:
  16. Nothing changes for me, but I change guns depending on my clothes. Normally, I have my Kahr PM9 and a spare mag in my pockets. I bought a Springfield Armory XDs, and after it earns my trust, it may become my primary pocket gun.

    My IWB alternates between my Glock 27, Glock 19 or my Ruger LCR. OWB holster may be a Glock 20.

    Overall, the Glock 27 or 19 cover most situations. The goal is to always have at least something on my person. At home, I keep a second bigger gun very near as well.
  17. Mark9Fogger

    Mark9Fogger Headed to WA

    I have been considering CCing my G35 more in the cold weather. Still using the G23 as my main CC gun with a total of 29 rounds (15+13+1) on me. I find myself running more active shooter scenarios in my head and having increased situational awareness wherever I go, especially at malls and movie theaters.
  18. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    What a nice surprise - a .357 carrier. What loads do you use?

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