Anyone been packing heavier lately?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Short Cut, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Not a chance, way too much weight. A .45 round weighs approx. 1 oz. You start with a heavy gun then add another gun+ with all that ammo.

    I'll stick with my 13+1 G23 or even the 10+1 G26 if I really want to go light.

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  2. WT

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    So the other night I ran into the Chief at a Christmas Party. I asked him if he carries off duty.

    "As Chief, I am never off duty. If I am called in to a crime scene or fatal auto accident I MUST be in possession of my firearm and shield."

    I gathered it was some sort of legal requirement.

    He had his J-frame snubby on his ankle.

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  3. I actually went down in weight and round count. My former EDC was. Sig P229 with a 17 round mag and one spare 15 rd mag. But I wanted something lighter so I now carry a G19 with one spare mag. Until I can find some 17 round mags I am 2 rounds down.

    I do love the fact that the 19 weighs less loaded than the 229 did empty as that really helps my back.
  4. With all of the negativity about using a gun for self-defense in Florida lately I've started also carrying my stun gun. If someone doesn't show a weapon I'll try that first. If I'm overpowered and they take it away from me then I'll use my firearm.
  5. SWIll

    Still a SW 638, but now aiwb rather than in the pocket. Easier access for me, ymmv.
  6. Still my P238 in dress clothes or G26 w+2 when in jeans. I admit that I did carry the Glock and an extra mag MORE during the holidays at the insane malls while shopping.
  7. Sometimes. Depends (activities and planned location of same).

    Instead of one of my 5-shot J's, I've taken to carrying one of my subcompact/compact pistols with 6, 7, 8 or even 10-rd magazines, and a spare magazine. :wow:

    When I don't carry my LCP w/spare mag, that is. ;)

    I've been working on maintaining my skillset, too. (Necessary as an instructor, and since I'm of the school-of-thought that an instructor should be able to demonstrate anything being taught, at any time ... unlike some newer instructors who have come back from their basic school saying they've been told not to shoot in front of people they're training :dunno: - but that's a topic for another day.)
  8. Bill Lumberg

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    No. Same as always. Glock or 1911. Perhaps one spare mag.
  9. Walther PPS 9mm with a spare mag. I feel more than comfortable with that. I really don't feel I need more firepower than that for "self defense".
  10. I tend to carry something bigger in the winter since it's easier to dress around a larger gun. That usually means a G21SF or a 3" GP100 as primary. In the summer (at least this past summer), I carried a .357 LCR as primary.

    I nearly always carry a .38 LCR as backup.
  11. G22 converted to 357sig in an ultra infidel, very comfortable for me, or a SA XDS in a N82 basic holster. I'm feeling safe with either one.
  12. Spiffums

    Spiffums I.C.P.

    Me thinks your HK45 is more than enough :supergrin:
  13. These active shooter scenario's involve usually one shooter and even if it was two, one magazine should take care of things. If you start spraying bullets all around you will be the problem.
  14. Naw carry the same as always, but just prior to the election I did load up a ***** load of AR and AK mags. I knew if Obama lost there were gonna be riots by our brown brothers.
  15. I just got a G19 so I'm carrying that instead of the G26.
  16. Depends on where I'm going. Malls, theaters and other high traffic areas with my family, I carry a G22 with 135 HSTs and 2 spare magazines. If I go out alone, a G19 with 9BP and 1 spare magazine. Same holster and manner of dress.

    Knowing that 46 rounds is probably going to be overkill for that one in a zillion that my family and I are caught in a crapstorm that requires a gun does not cause me to lose a single wink of sleep. The alternative has kept me awake at night.
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  17. NEOH212

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    Me too!

  18. I'm still carrying my 26 and occasionally the 19 but i am on high alert. In my area times are hard for people that might have been borderline criminals. Twice over the holidays ive had situations with people coming to my farm asking about jobs then scrap metal. One guy even wanted to walk around and see if he could find some pecans. This guy is a known criminal that just got out of a 10 year prison stay. Nothing happened but i was glad i was protected. Both times these guys were only feet away and made me wonder what people that dont carry one in the chamber would do if things went bad. I'm just saying dont walk around with your hand on your gun but definitely be more aware of your surroundings.

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  19. Nope. Just keep a spare mag in the truck. Of course, it's a fully loaded Happy Stick with 127gr +P+ Rangers.

    I started carrying that since that State Fair incident where white folk were being dragged out of their cars and beaten.
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  20. Never heard about that. Do you have a link?

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