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Anyone a 45 series

Discussion in 'US Army Forum' started by DrArmament, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. Greeings,

    Anyone a 45 series in here.

    I'm a 45K38
    at APG, MD
    teaching well every weapon system from M9-M1A2 Ambrams
  2. eisman

    eisman ARGH! CLM

    Jul 28, 2002
    Moving Target
    Well, I have been. Awarded 45B10 in early '82. I was one of the first to be sent off to the Bradley course; far and away the lowest ranking guy in the class. Did a really early class in the MK 19 around '83. The one we used was a ex-Naval unit that they reworked.

    Funny thing is that your position is what they were offering me to reup in 86. Since they had effectively screwed me out of a $16K bonus I went Reserves instead. I've held 45B, 45K, 45Z, 41C, 44E, 63Z, 92Z & 41Z. I've been detailed Trans and Finance. Makes me a well rounded REMF.

  3. Yes,45 here.45k20 Fort Knox 1970 spent a few mo. nam,cam rahn bay,m551 sheridan,weapons repair 1st cav while awaiting armorer post,then reassigned to Fort Knox again(still dont know why),went through retrain to 45k20m9,missle weapons on newer m551 version,shipped off to 7 cav a troop.Weapons repair motor pool duty 5 mo.,reassigned to troop armorer remaining 8 mo.,loved Korea so much i extended 5 mo.,spent last 4 mo. as squadron armorer/trainer for new incountry soldiers and Katusa soldiers,spent 2 winters there,loved it,then back to the real world,total 18.5 mo. in korea.Enjoyed working with the sheridan crews,not a lot of weapons problems,just the small normal stuff,feed trays on coax .30s,and cupola .50s,air scavange adjustments on main tubes.Lot a fun spent with d troop,air cav,remounting updated verions of m60 mounts,replacing older bungy/bod mounts.20mm syncros on gunships,all fun.