Anybody here on GTR loading .308 on a Dillon progessive

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Boxerglocker, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Boxerglocker

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    I have a real strong itch to get a entry level sniper rifle set-up and was thinking of a Remington 700 tactical in .223 being I already load the round.

    However, I'm getting offers on a SPS Tac in .308 and deliberating whether or not to get into it.

    I don't need arguments for or against the cost of conversions... well aware of what it will cost me in terms of $$$ and time.

    What I do want to know it thoughts in using a progressive for the task. I've heard reports of 1 inch at 200 yards with good components which would be fine.

    How do you guys think the Dillon powder measures up? I would think to stretch out later to 500 yards and beyond another type of powder measure would be in order.

    Lastly do you guys have some numbers for cost of components buying bulk, leads on where to get them and recipes? I'm thinking 250-300 a month to start would be my needs.

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  3. GioaJack

    GioaJack Conifer Jack

    Boxer, I'm pretty sure Hozer loads his .308's on a Dillon. Through sheer luck and favorable wind gusts he manages to shoot very respectable groups at long range.

    You'll have to wait until he gets home from day care to actually ask him though.


  4. I have read that David Tubb uses a modified 550 and a Prometheus powder measure for shooting out to 600 yards. What the modification is I don’t know.
  5. I have always loaded .308 on a single stage press. More recently, I have been loading 6.5x284 Norma the same way.

    I use the single stage in an attempt to produce very uniform loads. My Steyr SSG (.308) will shoot a dime sized group at 200 meters so it pays to feed it the best I can make.

    OTOH, 100 rounds is a big deal and might last a year or more. I just don't shoot it much.

    I did load some .223 on my 550 for my grandson's Savage Long Range Precision Varmint. He can easily shoot a 1-1/2" group at 300 yards so the press must be doing something right.

    Perhaps the next time I make .308 or 6.5, I will use the 550. I bought the Dillon powder funnel and powder die so that I can hand measure the charges and then pour them into the case.

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  6. Why not just pull the case out add the powder and put the case back in the press?
  7. I run 308 though my deprime/resize die on a single stage. Then run the brass through an LNL AP and charge, seat, and crimp. I found my LNL was not stout enough to resize the brass out of my PTR-91 which beats the hell out of the cases.

    Good luck.
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  8. I load 223 & 308 on my 550B without any problems. As you probably know, you can use the 45 conversion plate for the 308 only needing the dies themselves. Although I don't shoot past 200 yards, my Remy 700pss and Colt 6920 due justice to bench shooting. I've been using Varget, Rl-15 and H335 all with excellent results. It goes without saying the need to really prep the case when reloading for rifles vs. pistols but well worth the enjoyment of shooting.
  9. Beats me! I haven't tried the setup yet...

    It seems like a lot of extra handling over trickling the charge and dumping the pan into the funnel on the press. In fact, one of those Charge Masters would be just dandy for this operation.

    Again, I haven't tried either approach. I just haven't gotten around to loading any rifle since we have been playing on the Action Pistol range. Once my grandson started shooting my Sig 1911, rifle shooting went to the back burner. He does love "old school".

  10. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

    Really, was just looking at Enos and a number were saying that the the RT1200b trimmer worked well. No considerable extra sizing effort using standard steel sizing die and Dillon case lube... compared to military .223
  11. I load both 223 & 308 on my 550B. I don't see why you can't make bench rest accurate ammo on a 550. The press is sound, the dies good, it only comes down to powder. I have yet to find an powder measure that meters stick pwoders well, so finding a suitable ball/spherical powder is the key. I use A2520 in both rounds. Supposedly it is like a ball Varget & everyone raves about Varget in both rounds (not my 1st choice in 308). So give it a try.
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  12. For precision reloading, I am still not convinced the 550 brings anything to the dance.

    I would prefer to resize and decap as a separate operation simply because I want to clean up the primer pocket. I might even tumble after resizing just to get the lube off. I would clean the primer pocket after tumbling so I get the media out of the flash hole.

    Now the case is ready to trim. I can do that on the 550 but why bother? I have a case trimmer on my Hornday Case Prep Center (which I am already using to clean the primer pocket).

    Then I have to chamfer the case mouth and, again, that's on the Case Prep Center.

    Finally, I have a case ready for priming. NOW I can place it in the 550B, prime, charge and seat the bullet.

    I guess the way to do this is to fully prep a bunch of cases before getting started with the 550B.

    It all seems so clubby when compared to pistol reloading. But the goal is different and it's worth the effort.

    BTW, I haven't tried this approach. To date my precision rifle reloading has been on an RCBS RS single stage press.

    My .223 reloading was a lot like pistol reloading. I just stepped the cases through the 550B. I didn't clean the primer pocket, I didn't trim to length, I just loaded the things. It seemed to work out ok but it's not the right way to do the job.

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  13. Hurts nothing Richard. Cleaning primer pockets is waaaay over rated. I do it on my precision stuff maybe every time I trim, 3-4 firings, but not always. The ammo doesn't shoot any better.:dunno:
  14. Boxer I use to load it on the 550. I was shooting well under 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards no problem through my (at that time) stock 700 p. I only went over to the single stage because it made more sense to me. I did really well with the Dillon measure and Reloader 15.

  15. I am doing the same with .223 ammo. I do what ver prep once for the most part. Remove the crimp, trim to the minimum spec, chamfer and debut as needed. after that I treat it like a pistol. If its been around a few time or more, I'll check some randomly for growth. I think I loose them before they grow enough to retrim it. :dunno:
  16. I found over the years of loading my competition loads,including those for Camp Perry, I had good results out to 600 yds with .308, and out to 300 yards in .223 loaded on my 450B and ball powder. For the longer ranges I used stick powder (varget for .223, and 4895 or 4064 for .308) which I prefer to weigh. This is especially true at 1000 yds. All the other operations for the longer range loads were done on the Dillon.
    I couldn't wear out the old 450B, but bought a 550B this year because I'm shooting a lot of pistols now. Got 5 die plates and am getting lazy!
  17. PCJim

    PCJim Senior Member

    I recently acquired a 700 SPS Tac in 308, waiting on the custom stock to arrive before beginning the work ups to find that perfect load combination.

    The trial ammo that I have loaded and shot was made on the SS. While I load my 223 on the 550b, I don't consider that ammo to be precision ammo (although it groups less than one inch at 100 yds in the HBAR). To me, I just think that a SS will give better results than can be achieved on a progressive. I will be using a RCBS 1500 for the charges.

    I also understand that commercial match ammo is loaded on progressive presses.
  18. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

    My home range only goes out to 200... but I frequent one that goes futher out. If I could develope a load that could do well at 200 consistently I'd be happy.
  19. Next time I'll just try it. I know for a fact that the .223 shoots fine so I have every reason to believe the .308 will do just as well.

  20. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

    I think that I'm gonna go for .308 now... but use a single stage pushing it off later down the line... been thinking of getting a Horandy SS set-up anyways.
    If you were to buy some decent factory ammo with good cases for reloading later, what would you get? If you have any good leads please post them... I want to start with about 1000 rounds.
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  21. Hoser

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    Day care was cool today. The teacher made us jello and we got to take a nap. She says when we get really old like Jack we will need to start taking lots of naps again.

    I do in fact load all my match ammo on a 550, to include 338 Lapua ammo that gets used past 1300-1500 yards.

    I have one 550 set up for small primers and the other for large. You might notice how easy it is to seat primers. It is not because your primer pockets are getting loose, but you have a lot more leverage than you might be used to.

    I do not use the Dillon powder measure for match rifle ammo other than 223. While the measure is perfectly fine for most all handgun applications or blasting ammo, it is not consistent enough for ammo that I want to go inside 1.0-.5 MOA at distance.

    I use a powder die funnel adaptor from an AT-500. Then I pour the powder in through a funnel while the brass is on the upstroke. Every powder charge gets weighed, down to one kernel resolution.

    I use Hornady lock rings that I pin in place to allow the die to float on the toolhead. That allows the case to center itself in the die.

    For dies Redding and Forster are an excellent choice.

    If you are shooting a 308, get 8 lbs of Varget, Federal Primers, a box of 500 Sierra 175s and hit it.

    Like Jack says "If Hozer can do it, anyone can."


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