Anybody else from Charlotte, NC???

Discussion in 'Carolina Glockers' started by smitty704, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. The title says it all!!!! Post if you live, or are from the Charlotte area. And where do you typically shoot, I shoot at Firepower Inc in Matthews, right outside of Charlotte. Great prices and great people. Nice to see some fellow North Carolinians!!! Thanks, smitty704

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  2. I usually shoot at Elite in Indian Trail. I've shot at Eagle in Concord once. Eagle is closer but due to my schedule, Elite is where I end up as most ranges are closed on Sundays.

  3. I was raise in Charlotte, but now live north of Mooresville. I mostly shoot on land my wires family owns in VA, but have been wanting to try the new range that was just opened on 150 in Mooresville. Heard anything about it?

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  4. Not in the Charlotte area any longer but years back I used to shoot at The Firing Point in Pineville. I heard they closed and with no one mentioning them I guess they are still closed.
  5. I'm a Charlottean and also shoot at Firepower.
  6. Lived there for 10 years (moved to upstate SC 5 years ago). Still shoot at Firepower on occasion when visiting friends.
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  7. I am up Hwy 16, Maiden / Denver area

    Went by the new range ( Point Blank ) when it opened up.

    I shoot at Springs Rd Gun Club in Hickory

    Family rate is only $235 a year ( I have the wife and 5 boys ) compared to the $650 rate at Point Blank.

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