Any "Rob Leatham" SA "Legend Series" "TGO" owners over here?

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by Gary Wells, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. That's an amazing deal. :cool:

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  2. Yeah, the TGO1 is a pretty special 1911. :)

    My Baer SRP will shoot at least as good as my TGO, but the TGO is better finished and more refined.

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  3. Don, does the TGO still use the Nowlin barrel?

    I know the Pro doesn't.

    Actually, I guess I should ask Gary that question. :cool:
  4. Posted over in the other thread that they use a SA match barrel. I think that the Nowlin barrels did have a few causalities, but I suspect that there was some financial motivation there too. I believe that the early SA Trophy Matches were Nowlin barreled, but I think that they also currently use a SA barrel.
  5. :wow: Damn, what a deal! :thumbsup:
  6. That's what I thought.

    Honestly, I believe it was Springfield's way of making more profit on the gun, but that's just an opinion.
  7. Short Cut

    Short Cut PatrioticMember

    Yeah it really was. I wasn't trying to take advantage, he called me, needed to sell them quick and asked if I had $3100 on hand.
  8. You can add mine to the list. #10154.
    It's a great handgun from a great company.
  9. Gary, since you made the chart, please change my name to bac1023.

    I only used bc1023 on that one forum because my account got lost somehow. :dunno:
  10. Many thanks, SpringerTGO. How about your manufacturing date & target date.

  11. Many thanks for the correction, bac1023.

    It will show the next time that I post up the chart.
  12. Thanks :cool:

    I guess tracking down all the TGOs would be quite a challenge. :)

    I wouldn't worry much about the TG02 or 3. There is really nothing at all special about them.
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  13. The "date completed and test fired" is 6/25/10.
    Same date on the target.
  14. For the record, the current Springfield Armory MSRP on the TGO-1 is $ 3367, and they are sprung with a 18.5 Wolff non variable recoil spring.
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  15. Sounds about right. I know retail is a few hundred more than the Pro.
  16. Any more volunteers for additional data, barrel markings, dates,
    Quack & bac1023, I know that you guys will contribute.

    Springfield Armory Rob Leatham “Legend Series”:
    -1) PC9206, -2) PC9106L, & -3) PX9106L

    Model----Serial # --Target Date---Cert Date-------Owner-----------

    TGO1---RL 10001---06-03-2003---06-03-2003---matt_lowery123 - Nowlin bbl
    TGO1---RL 10008---06-04-2003---06-20-2003---38 Super Fan
    TGO1---RL 10014---????-??-????.----????-??-????---Maj Tom
    TGO1---RL 10044---06-03-2003---06-20-2003---bac1023
    TGO1---RL 10070---11-XX-2003---11-XX-2003---Mr. Player>
    TGO1---RL 10070---11-XX-2003---11-03-2003---Tenringx2
    TGO1---RL 10122---10-XX-2006---10-17-2006---thundrr1
    TGO1---RL 10129---11-XX-2008---11-XX-2008---Quack
    TGO1---RL 10144---????-??-????----???-??-????-----benderx4
    TGO1---RL 10146---04-??-2008----04-??-2008----1911 Bug
    TGO1---RL 10147---????-??-????----???-??-????-----Springfield catalogue
    TGO1---RL 10150---06-XX-2010---06-25-2008---NERVOUS
    TGO1---RL 10151---06-XX-2010---06-XX-20XX---Thin Crust
    TGO1---RL 10152---06-XX-2010---06-XX-2010---
    TGO1---RL 10153---06-XX-2010---06-XX-2010---
    TGO1---RL 10154---06-25-2010---06-25-2010---SpringerTGO (Glock Forum)
    TGO1---RL 10155---06-25-2010---06-XX-2010---BetterDaze
    TGO1---RL 10162---08-23-2012---08-24-2012---Gary Wells------NM .45AUTO
    TGO1---RL 10164---08-XX-2012---08-23-2012---Dealer Shelf
    TGO1---RL 10169---??-???-2012---??-???-2012----Dealer (Fowler’s) Shelf (sold)

    TGO2---RL 200---????-??-????---????-??-????----1911Collector
    TGO2---RL 20248---????-??-????---????-??-????----Thin Crust
    TGO2---RL ?????-----????-??-????---????-??-????----RuninRonin
    TGO2---RL 209-----????-??-????---????-??-????----tmoore912

    TGO3---RL 30186---08-06-2003---08-XX-2003---HiccaBurp

    09-20-1010: Legend TGO-1: MSRP $ 3367 & Pro MSRP $ 2647
    09-20-2012: PRO MSRP $
    01-03-2011: Legend TGO -1 MSRP $ 2999
    01-24-2012: Pro MSRP $ 3100 & change
    08-17-2012: Legend TGO-1 MSRP $ 3095
    08-31-2012: Legend TGO-1 MSRP $ 3395
    09-10-2012: Legend TGO-1 MSRP $ 3395 - Dealer shelf - BetterDaze - RL 10164
    09-21-2012: Legend TGO-1 MSRP $ 3995 - Stockade - Gary Wells - RL 10162
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  17. Unless it sold recently, the TGO2 with the first serial number is at Cabelas in Hamburg, PA. Matt bought the first TGO1 from the same place.

  18. Thanks, bac1023, what's marked on your barrel hood?

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