Any opinions on 100% USA made AKs?

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by gsmithemail, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. I am looking at buying an AK and wondering if any of the USA made non-part kit guns are worth considering. Anybody got any experience with any? How many companies are making their own parts and assembling their own rifles?



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  2. I really don't know of any that are manufacturing AKs 100% from the ground up here in the US.

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    the AK-47 is probably the simplest gun to produce, I don't think even we (U.S.) could screw it up.

    With that said, I think the milled Centurian 39 looks awesome!

  4. I beg to differ- US made AKs can be some of the most screwed AKs ever- just look at some of Century's QC in the past.
  5. IO Inc and Century (Centurian39) both claim 100% made in the USA. All I have heard about IO has been negative and my previous experience with Century Arm productswould leave me to believe they are crap but I haven't seen any yet.
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  6. I have not seen a Centurion 39 as of yet, though I've seen several videos on YouTube and they get mixed reviews. I had heard somewhere (a video perhaps?) that Jim Fuller from Rifle Dynamics was looking into making 100% USA made AK's. I'm not sure if that is still a possibility, but I would be interested in a RD rifle if it were made in the USA.
  7. I'd be willing to buy any AK that Jim Fuller built or stood behind.
  8. For any totally made in US AK, I would demand to put about 500 rounds through it prior to purchase and then field strip and examine. Better yet, I would go and buy something else like quality AR. The whole point of an AK is having just about the most reliable combat rifle out there. Ak's are not simple to make properly. They can be made cheaply once a proper production line has been set up. Certain parts must be made right or the gun will eventually fail if it ever works at all. A certain of amount of QC is needed to make sure the sights are straight and that the sights do not wobble and internal parts are properly fitted. My WASR is accurate and reliable, but there were things on it that were minor that were not perfectly fitted.
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    [ame=""]Century Arms C39 milled AK-47 clone - Brutal Review - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]AK Operators Union - Episode 4 - YouTube[/ame]
  10. The Centurion gets solid reviews. I try to stick to chf barrels and maybe a lot of people won't agree with me but as long as their are Commie rifles available I'm not considering pure American builds. They are still running great deals on Yugos and WASR's.

    My favorite rifle is an Arsenal SGL but if I couldn't find those, a used Sar-1 would be my next choice. SA85m's are also tremendous if you don't mind doing a conversion to get them out of the sporter configuration. I'm in no way bashing the Centurion but it is like buying an Ar-15 from Russia.
  11. My Centurion has been 100% in every respect, albeit only about 600 rounds through it over 3 range trips and my only AK. It will get a workout over the next week, have 2k of ammo waiting at home, 500 rounds of Fiochi, 500 of Hornady and 1 k of Wolf steel case. My goal is to test accuracy with the good stuff, then run the cheap stuff and see if there is a major degradation.

    Compared to my other semi auto rifles, zero problems with the C 39.
  12. I'm new to the AK world and I only listen to those who have experience with the gun I want, not I heard or my friends uncle has one. As it is, my Century C39 has been flawless from day one, it generally gets high marks from its owners. I know Century has had issues in the past but this particular gun is their relatively new lease on life. I only have 1000 rounds through it but not an issue but only a sample of one.
  13. Look at the Opap, nice gun.
  14. I think companies like Century and taurus have moved forward, but the internet fluff perpetuates. I would bet the Centurian is pretty good compared to a WASR. Other companies like IO, M+M don't have stellar histories either. But I don't have personal experience with any.

    One of the biggest problems of US made AK's is overmaking the AK - trying to improve on the original. One example is using stronger, higher grade rivets. If you watch Jim Fuller- he makes the case that using harder and stronger rivets, makes the receiver prone to cracking -- the rivets need to flex. That is one example of too much of a good thing.

  15. The russians spent a lot of time designing the AK. Countries that modified significantly like the chinese and the yugos with heavier receivers I am sure did what was necessary to make them durable.
    An AKM or stamped AK on slow motion film flex a lot and can last for 1,000's of rounds. The russians and chinese did make some solid milled receivers that also seem to work well. Thing with modified american guns is that they may not know all of the consequences of their modification.
    I have a WASR that is a fine weapon. Little rough, but shoots about 3 MOA for groups and always goes bang. At $350 out the door I spent more than I wanted at the time a few years ago.
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    Well as far as Century AK'S go's I have 3 Yugo's 2 70B1 & 1 70B2. They are the real Yugo's made from parts kits. But they where not made my Century. Century farm them out at the time(don't know from who). They are great & have been 100% for me from day one. I also have a Yugo AK type M76(8mm) from Century that is 100% from day one also. So for me I never have any of the bad things happen to me on any gun's I got from Century but I have heard of some bad story's about them. But for me I have had very good luck with them.
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  17. Always seems that there are lots of stories.. friend of a buddy, of a buddy etc... buddy of mine...

    Depends on the market, and the era-- back in the 80's through late 90's, everyones product was crap. Even the 1911's from all makers. (Cars? back then) And the imports (AK and SKS) got the reputations for being "cheap" surplus goods listed in the back of gun rags. Century still suffers from that era.

    I think all guns are expected to be much better today. I think that Glock has alot to do with that. Even 1911's off the rack are expected to work without gunsmith help.

    Today, when any firstime gun buyer with a keyboard can destroy your business overnight with a useless complaint, companies need to put out better stuff. There will always be lemons, but on the internet we don't know the denominator.

    I would not hesitate to buy a C39. If you want to sell me one used, PM me.
  18. this video about Rifle Dynamics discusses the import ban and what they are planning on doing. while i dont' know the timeline or remember details from the video specifically you might want to check it out.

    [ame=""]Saiga Import Ban and Rifle Dynamics - YouTube[/ame]
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    So, on the American made AK...I have only seen one and it had a huge American flag etched into the left side of the receiver. That just really turned me off, but the gun ran fine. I'm not sure who made it. I prefer the commie stuff too while it's available, but to each his own.
    As for Century, I've purchased quite a few guns from them over the years and have never really had a problem I could positively attribute to them. I had a WASR with a canted site, but that was easy to fix (factory problem). My AMD was a headache, hitting about three feet to the right at 25 yards. I found the crown had been cut at an angle, causing the bullet to 'push' to the right (barrel manufacturer?). I cut off 1/2" from the end and re-crowned it...problem solved.
    My Century CZ has been flawless, as has my Century FAL and G-3. The G-3, in fact, is almost as accurate as my heavy barrel Bushmaster. Almost.
    I think some of Century's issues were misguided. For example, a lot of people blame the canted WASR sites on them, but they were actually imported like that from Romania. All Century did was cut the mag wells and install compliance parts. Some of Century's other problems may have also been a perpetuation of Internet stories..."I read on another forum that some guy's brother's best friend's former neighbor had his Century AK blow up."
  20. Further update on mine, now has 2k through it, nary a problem. There is one design flaw with this particular model. It has a top rail that is integrated with the top fore grip and there is some side to side wobble, making it less than optimum for optics. The good thing is with a unmagnified red dot the wobble is pretty much parallel to line of sight and at 50 yards makes for about a 1/2" variance, no biggie with an AK. It does rule out putting any better optics, am thinking about trying to either bed the bottom of the fore grip to stabilize it or fabricating a side mount to attach to the left side rail.

    The iron sights are fine out to the limits of my vision, so it is not that big a deal.

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