Any news/updates on the Apex Extractor????

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by frostyicy, Jul 31, 2012.

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    I want one! Apex perfection!

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  2. Shenaniguns? If not, disregard hahaha :cool:

  3. Glock2336

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  4. Oh haiii :wavey: I can't wait to get one of these extractors, my g23 is just sitting and waiting, every 4th or so round sends brass right to my right eye, ruined my pair of oakleys.
  5. Glock2336

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    They are not making a .40 caliber extractor as of right now.
  6. BROKE

  7. So my new out of the box 26 gen 4 spits every case into my face or head...most interested if these things came out yet. ALSO...are there instructions so a "normie" can change them out - or do I need to scout up a Glock Armorer?

  8. changing them out is quite easy to do

    if you need to learn how to disassemble the slide then watch this

    [ame=""]Glock Detail Strip And Reassembly (IN HD) - YouTube[/ame]
  9. Thanks. Just back from the Apex Tactical web site and they seem to be out of stock. Understandable if they're hand machined. Special thanks for the video link.
  10. The last time I looked Apex's plan was to make them in batches of 100 every two weeks. That's nowhere near enough to meet initial demand. So it's kind of like a lottery.

    You need some way to be among the first to find out when a batch is done. I got mine by "liking" Apex on Facebook. They posted a status when they had the last batch done, and I ordered within a few hours. A few hours after that they were out of stock again.

    I also signed up for their emailing list, which you can do on their website. That didn't work, though. I haven't gotten any emails from them.

    They post on in the Industry section. You might be able to get to the head of the line by following that thread over there.

    You'll be able to get your order in faster if you create an account on their website in advance.

    Good luck!!
  11. bustedknee

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    I need one of those Glocks with the problems.

    It would be perfect for my LaserMax that is a POS but people keep telling me how good theirs work and I must be mistaken.
  12. Thanks for the tips DH....kinda like a call in radio contest...caller number 17 wins...

    Off to sign up.

    Okay signed up on FB and their website. See the last time they made a batch the response crashed their server....dang...wouldn't it just be easier for Glock to make them right????
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  13. Okay, checked and they're in stock today. Ordered mine. Now the fun begins...
  14. They've been in stock since around the beginning of November. Seems like the rush for the Gen4 units is over.
  15. As far as I know the 2nd batch was released Nov 20th.

    Gen 3 sold out in a few days, last I saw gen 4 still in stock.
  16. Yes, that's right. They were supposed to come out around the beginning of the month but didn't. It was the 20th.

    Still, it's not like the first batch of Gen4 units that sold out in a couple of hours and brought their server down.
  17. The first batch was only 70 units.
    2nd was many more (at least 200)
    of each gen.
  18. According to some early tests on m4carbine's site....the new gen 3 specific extractors are working and some are still giving jams or all sorts. There are photos there as well.

    ...this does not inspire confidence as I begin to swap my extractor for the Apex unit as well as install the 30274 ejector.

    ...fingers crossed that this is the fix.

    Seriously...if this does not fix my G19...I am calling it good for Glocks and going with a P30 with the light LEM trigger. Sick of this nonsense. If I wanted to tinker....I would have bought another 1911! LOL

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