Any news/updates on the Apex Extractor????

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by frostyicy, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Simple questions here...

    Anyone know of any news or updates on the Apex Extractor that will hopefully fix the erratic ejection problem on Glocks????

    Any release date????


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    Don't know if you've seen the above thread but it has some good info.

    I don't know why some posters here have to be so rude about this issue. Some people are experiencing genuine problems with thier guns while others are not. Just because your Glocks work fine doesn't mean there aren't others are lying when they say they have problems with theirs. We don't need to be *****ing at and insulting each other.

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  4. Last I read was possibly September.
  5. Glock2336

    Glock2336 Senor Member


    That is why I don't post as much here :dunno:

    And yes the projected release date is Fall, hopefully as soon as September.

    I'll post our videos again:


  6. Ok cool thanks, didn't know you were affiliated with Apex.

    Well September is only a month away, which will be great for me because I plan to have my CCW by then and I purposely got a G19 Gen 3 because it is perfect for me for concealed carry.

    So I am assuming you guys must be seeing pretty good results with the new extractor as it pertains to erratic ejection???
  7. Glock2336

    Glock2336 Senor Member


    I'm 750 rounds in with no brass to the face after the corrected Apex extractor was installed...
  8. Wow that's great can't wait for it to be released. You'll have one new customer for sure!!!

    You guys keep up the good work!!!
  9. Glock2336

    Glock2336 Senor Member


    I'm just a lowly beta tester for them :cool:
  10. WELL you may be a lowly beta tester for can I get signed up cuz im getting tired of the little man in the barrel throwing empty cases back in my face!!! LOL
  11. So this new extractor also compensates for the need to lower the ejection port?
  12. Glock2336

    Glock2336 Senor Member

    That's what they're trying to accomplish.
  13. Will this be for Gen 3's as well???

    Also any idea of the price range the part will be???
  14. Glock2336

    Glock2336 Senor Member

    Not a definite price yet, probably around $60 due to being EDM machined with complex angles opposed to cast or MIM.
  15. Cool man thanks for the info.

  16. From the looks of the first video, it seems as if a few shells hit your face even with the updated*updated extractor.

    Of the rounds you have fired, what percentage of the casings are flying erratically?
  17. Glock2336

    Glock2336 Senor Member


    False, no cases hit my face with my G19 after it was corrected on the second day of testing. My buddies stock 2006 or older Gen 3 at the end had some cases fly back at his head on his stock gun. My buddy was lazy on the editing and should have specified that it was his gun at the end with some bttf.
  18. Glock2336

    Glock2336 Senor Member

    On the second part of the question, when it was stock it depended on the ammo but it was something like 1/15 ejected at 6 o'clock and more than that ejected everywhere else.
  19. TTex

    TTex Cannon Fodder

    I was sad to see the last thread degenerate and get locked. While my Gen 4 G26 responded well to a new style ejector I am still interested in the Apex kit. I have heard of the problem cropping back up and so I did want to keep an eye on the latest as far as corrections for the problem.
    So is it still a kit or just the extractor? I always thought a beefed up spring would help grip the spent case.
    Thanks for posting the info for the ones that are genuinely interested. If my pistols have this issue I'll be sure to look into the Apex product.
  20. Glock2336

    Glock2336 Senor Member

    My videos show the extractor alone, the stronger plunger spring will be included as well.
  21. I will be getting one for sure. I have exhausted all other combinations of RSAs and ejectors.

    I will be able to tell in one range session if this thing fixes it or not.

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