Any multitools with a large self defense blade?

Discussion in 'The Cutting Edge' started by MinervaDoe, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. Do you guys know of any multi-tools with a large, locking self defense blade?
    Optimal accessories would include pliers, heavy wire cutters, saw blade, and screwdrivers. Just looking for a little bit more of a survival knife than your average multi-tool.
    I've got a Leatherman Charge, and it has a nice pocket knife type blade with a good positive lockup. I was just wondering what else is out there.
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  3. Pretty much every multi tool I've seen are just "jacks of all trades, and masters of none.''
    I've never seen one with a blade that would be ideal for a survival knife. Thats assuming that you want a larger blade for chopping, battening, etc.

  4. Pretty much. I have a Leatherman like the one shown here. I used to carry it on one of the trails that I hike on, when poison oak started to overgrow the single track sections late in the summer. Their choice of accompanying blades left a lot to be desired. And, the shearing blades developed a lot of play and became pretty much worthless. But, it's got a nice form factor for a bigger blade and a serious pair of pliers. ..... disappointing quality though.

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