Any Mark 23 owners here?

Discussion in 'Heckler & Koch Forum' started by faawrenchbndr, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan

    I have an itch for a Mark 23.
    What is the grip size difference between it and the USP45?

    I know the 23 is a LOT bigger overall

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  3. Shooting a Mark 23 is sort of like shooting a cordless drill. The grip doesn't necessarily feel larger than a HK USP45, but the height and length are sort of comical. I didn't like it at all.

  4. It's not that bad at all. I ankle carry mine weak side.

    Seriously. My hands are normal to small and i don't think it's freakishly large.

    Funny I don't have a usp45 to compare it to.
  5. Its the same grip, Greg.

    Get one. Its an awesome pistol. :cool:

    I've had mine for several years.

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  6. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan

    Why didn't I remember that,.........thanks Brian.

    Looking for a 23 for a while, never have handled one out of the case.
    I was a courier years ago, I escorted 57 over to the Land of Sand.
    Always wanted one after that, now I just have to find one.

    thanks Guys!
  7. There are usually several on Gunbroker, Greg.
  8. fx77


    Great pistol, accurate, but a little too large for my hand (7 1/2 glove size). But still fun to shoot.
  9. I find them very accurate indeed. :cool:

    I can shoot mine as well as some of my better 1911s and target pistols.
  10. Mine bites my first joint of the thumb. It's a small price to pay for owning the most awesome .45 on the planet! I do, however, much prefer shooting my 1911.
  11. I prefer a 1911 as well, but the Mark 23 is outstanding.
  12. I use size 7 1/2 surgical gloves and the Mark23 fits me great. I can reach everything with easy and can handle the gun perfectly. It's an awesome gun, I'd highly recommend it. A warning on the price right now though, which should be mentioned, as I have seen them go as high as 3k and some times even more lately. These guns went for 1800-2200 bucks 6 months ago. Think about that when you look for yours and how much panic buying is driving up the price. wait another 6 months for the crazyiness to stop and you'll probally get a much better price. Yes they supposedly stopped making them but you know what, there are some spotted with BC codes on them which means someone is still making them... Even if you buy them just to resell them later, they will be worth it I think. I'm actually looking to buy 2 more...

    I could have bought an HK USP tatical and a HK45 with the money I spent on my Mark23 but you know what, I only shoot one gun at a time usually and I have never ever regretted buying my Mark23! Hell I actually turned down a Barrett 82A1 to get my Mark23 (just not enough money for both at the time I found my Mark23).

    The gun is worth the money though and is not really as big as everyone makes it out to be. Compared to my new glock G34, its much less then 1/2 an inch bigger in any direction. It's about the same size as a Desert eagle.

    Oh yeah, the recoil is quite low for a .45acp. You'll enjoy it I think if you are recoil sensitive, feels like a 9mm.

    Realiablity is out of this world and its built like a tank litterally (what other gun states to shoot another round thru the barrel to clear the obstruction if you get a squib round stuck in the barrel?). Everything is easily 2X the thickness as compared with a HK USP tatical .45 (check out photos on comparing the two). Trying to outshoot the gun will cause you to go broke! It will litterally out last you (unless you shoot it with another gun...). Seeing someone put two rounds through the same hole at 7 yards isn't unusual for this gun (something any average shooter should be able to do consistantly). Hell 2 rounds thru the same hole at 25 yards isn't impossible if you are a bullseye shooter...

    The trigger is very good although the HK USP tatical is slightly better (noticably lighter and it has an overstop screw on it). The stock trigger pull on a Mark23 is 5lbs (measured with a trigger scale and what its rated for). It is a combat gun though, not a target/match gun. Super crisp trigger break with absolutly no creep and a fairly short reset.

    I could go on and on but bottom line is that I'd stake my life on my Mark23!

    P.S. You can shoot .45super out of it stock and with a suppresor on it (KAC), it actually get's more accurate...
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  13. Had one. Traded it off. Regret it just for the collector value.
  14. Uh, probably not the best argument...

  15. I bought one over the summer. I have about 1K rounds through it and now it’s a safe queen. The gun is an amazing piece of engineering and a great show piece but not very practical for any of my needs. Would I buy it again? Absolutely, but I also prefer my 1911s to the Mark 23 any day of the week. I find them much more comfortable to shoot.
    If you want one, pick it up. It’s not something you see every day and I’m glad to have one to pass on to my son one day.
  16. I definitely prefer 1911s, but the Mark 23 is a great pistol.
  17. Have had mine since they were first it.

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