Any mag extensions that work on a G29?

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by alwaysshootin, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I am in the need of adding grip length to my G29. I could settle for Pearce, but would much prefer the Scherer, because they add more space to the grip.

    Had them on my G30, and from what Scherer says, is, they are in fact, for the G30, and, no mention of the G29. My question is, has anyone used the Scherer G30 mag extensions, on their G29, with success?

    If you have used the Pearce mag extension, with success, please chime in also, it is appreciated.


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  3. The mags are different sizes as you probably know.

    Good luck

  4. Actually, I realize the mouth are different sizes, but figured the outside dimensions were the same. A G30 mag goes in my G29. What is confusing me is Pearce makes a +0, for both the 29, and 30, separately. Whereas they make a +2, that is for either. If Scherer made one for each it would be settled. I am just hoping someone has tried the one made for the 30, and can tell me whether they work or not on the 29 mag.
  5. The G30 mag is slightly longer because the 45 is a fatter round than the 10mm.

    Therein lies the problem IMO
  6. I'm following what you are saying. The guy I sold my G30 to, a couple years ago, was over the other day shooting. Before we went out I asked to see one of his mags with the Scherer extension. It did fit, but there was a noticeable gap, between the grip of the frame, and the top of the extension. Guess I'll just have to go with the Pearce, 29 specific extension. Thank you for your help.
  7. samurairabbi

    samurairabbi Dungeon Schmuck

    A possible point of confusion on 29/30 mags:

    There is a NINE-round G30 45acp mag, that matches ALL external dimensions of the 10-round G29 mag. Aftermarket baseplates meant for one will work with the other. In particular, the Pearce PG29 plus-zero mag extension WILL work with the 9-round G30 mag. When I was carrying a 30, those 9-round mags with the Pearce PG29 extenstions were useful for concealed carry.

    The TEN-round G30 mag is built differently at the BOTTOM of the mag, to accomodate the tenth round. Aftermarket baseplates intended for this mag are NOT compatible with the G29 mag.
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  8. arushus

    arushus Biggest Member

    Thank you rabbi, when I was reading the OP this is exactly what I intended to post as an answer.

    So, not that someone like me really even has to say this, but the rabbi is correct!
  9. samurairabbi, and arushus, thank you for your explanation! It only took me two weeks, to figure out, the 29, and 30, mags were different, dimensionally. I should have realized the fact when I saw Pearce making separate extensions. Too add confusion, one of my two 10 round mags, for the G29, has a +2 base. It has no brand name on it, just a +2 in a square, then 45-10, under the +2.:dunno: Then to add even more confusion, I see a Pearce +2, in the market place, that says for 45-10, and, it doesn't disclose that it's for the 20/21 mag, until you click on it to find the description, which then states that fact.

    Guess I'll just settle for the Pearce, it's just, one, it doesn't give me the fat pinky room, the Scherer does, and two, almost $10, + shipping, for one, Pearce. Kind of a rip off to me! Especially, when you consider going with the Scherer, and get two extensions, for $11.:crying:
  10. samurairabbi

    samurairabbi Dungeon Schmuck

    Glad to help. I will share the setup I have perfected with my 29 for concealed carry. I can also offer a deal on parts.

    I use the Pearce PG29 plus-zero on my 10-round mags. These baseplates give my pinkie finger proper support, without adding significant bulk to the mag bottom; I have found that lack of significant added length important for concealed carry in a pocket. I also believe the Pearce product is much higher quality than the Scherer.

    I gave up the thought of adding rounds to the 29 mag. If you want greater mag capacity, I suggest this: make your backup mags the 15-round G20 ones. The G20 mag will work perfectly in the 29, and addition of something like the A&G grip extension can smooth out the longer grip.

    I have a couple extra Pearce baseplates, in excellent condition, and while I cannot beat the pricing you are seeing, I can send them at exact cost of 1st class parcel, which gives you a break on shipping cost over a larger commercial operation.
  11. As luck would have it, being a G20 fanatic, have accumulated a plethora, of 15 round magazines. Not to mention, the 29 trade, came with 2, 15 round mags, with the mag sleeves, that make it very comfortable, yet larger than I care for. Meaning, if I were going to carry a grip that large, would simply carry the G20. The second of the two 10 round factory mags, also wears the +2 extension as previously mentioned, which is fine, just makes the grip a little larger than I care for. Not to mention the +2 extension, does not have a lip, which I prefer for my carry weapon, to assist in draw. Especially on the smaller gripped Glock frames.

    samurairabbi, I have sent you a PM!
  12. I really did send you a PM, was my offer offending?
  13. arushus

    arushus Biggest Member

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  14. samurairabbi

    samurairabbi Dungeon Schmuck

    Life got complicated for me and I could not get much done. Also, I cannot find the bag containing my extra baseplates! If you have a source for these baseplates at a price superior to mine, by all means pop for them. Sorry for being out of touch.
  15. Hope things get uncomplicated for you! If you find the bag LMK. I'm in no hurry.
  16. Dan62

    I have a glock 29 and love it....not happy with the pearce finger extension..not enough grip..Can you use a glock 30 finger extension on the glock 29 mags?.....

    Any other options beside pearce?

    thanks for the help.
  17. Opie 1 Kenopie

    Opie 1 Kenopie Regular Guy

    I answered you in your other thread, but try Pearce +2 extensions. My G29SF mags all wear them and they're great. They allow a full grip with all fingers on the gun. Still very concealable though.
  18. The grip extension foir the G30 9 round mag fits the G29. Not the others.
  19. Dan62

    Thanks Opie,
    Pearce states that the +2 extensions are for glock 20 and 21 only...not sub compacts....but i guess this is not true.....Do you have a photo you can post/
  20. Dan62


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