Any EMTs -- Carry Knife?

Discussion in 'Firefighter/EMS Talk' started by cuervo, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. Rinspeed

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    That is the only reason I haven't bought a Benchmade. If I lose one of my Cold Steel folders no big deal as I can replace it for $40 - 50. I think I would be to worried of losing a $150 knife to enjoy it.

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  2. I just carry a cheap 3-4" locking blade with a pocket clip. Over 15 years, I've spent less than $25.00 on knives and not never had 1 not do what I wanted it to.

  3. I carry a Benchmade model 5 Rescue hook. Never cut a seatbelt with it, but have cut off clothing on patients and have used the O2 wrench many times. I like it because it is very small and light. I don't even know it is there on my belt. As far as a knife, I carry either a Benchmade 9050 auto or a Coldsteel Recon 1. And I agree with others about the "EMT knives" being just a marketing scheme. I have broken a few windows, but used a Halligan spike or some other handtool from off the truck.
  4. Been on FD 6 years. Never once punched a window or cut a seatbelt on a scene, only in training.

    I carry a S&W Extreme OPS. Works fine for me.
  5. You have to love Terminator style


    Seriouly though, i carry i Gerber Firestorm.
  6. Ok I guess I wil be the one to be different. I carry a strider SNG in front right pocket,HAk around my neck,S&W responderon belt in right rear,Benchmade rescue hook in front shirt pocket. I have broken out several windows with the S&W.Most were in the early days when we all thought this was SOP. Now I semdolm break any glass. But I will allways carry my SNG I dont care if it did cost $400.00 You get what you pay for.
  7. obxprnstar

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    I carry a magnum I got for free from CDNN when I ordered a bunch of stuff from them. I think it is their lightweight.

    I like it.
  8. I carry a CRKT M16 13fd, not a bad knife.
  9. personally, i prefer having a knife with a point. Can't carry my piece on duty so i want to have at least something i can claim is a tool. So that's the cold steel prolite.

    For cutting cloting and webbing i use a benchmade rescue hook
  10. Was carrying an Emerson CQC7 until it started playing hide and seek on me, might mix it up with a Gerber multi tool occasionally. Waiting for my Randall #10-3 in orange G10 to arrive.

    I would say that more guys on our department than not, carry a blade with them most of the time.

  11. If you got cash to burn, get Bench Made. If you want a good utility knife, get a S&W.
  12. I carry one of two Gerber 3" folders while on duty. One of them has a black pocket clip and blade and the other is silver. They both have pointy ends and are very sharp. They're usually clipped in one of my front pockets or in a utility pocket on my thigh.

    My only complaint about these knives is that their clip is mounted near the hinge. If they were mounted at the other end, I could easily draw my knife out and open it without having to turn it around 180 degrees in my hand first. My knives aren't designed as combat knives though.;f

    I have rarely needed to use the knife for patient care purposes, but when I have had to, it's been invaluable. 99 times out of 100, I generally prefer to use my T-shears instead for most tasks.

    I have found that my knife is a great utensil.
  13. I carry a Gerber 800 legend. Best multi-tool I have owned.
  14. Kiel1

    I usually carry a Masters of Defense CQD Mk. 1 with the window punch. It's worked pretty well so far. When I don't want something as big and bulky I carry my Kershaw Blackout. I also carry a Leatherman Wave on my belt.
  15. RESCUE31

    RESCUE31 G-22 G-27

    I carry a Sog multitool and a Kershaw Scallion
  16. I have a SOG EOD multitool. Awesome piece of equipment. Every medic who's played with mine has been ready to ditch their leatherman's and gerber's
  17. Joey

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    Emerson PSARK
  18. Guess im just an odd ball. I carry a 12 dollar folding utility knife from lowes.. It folds jsut lieka pocket knife, but is actually a razor blade.. I keep it clipped on the velcro strap that covers the zippers on my boot.. Always worked well for me...
  19. Those things are great. In my opinion a tactical folder should be used for what it's intended. I use one of the folding box cutters for opening packages and the stuff not worth dulling my carry knife over.
  20. AggiePhil

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    You know that knives can be sharpened, right? ^8

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