any boomers out their?

Discussion in 'US Navy Forum' started by sksn, Dec 3, 2006.

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    Hey Maddog. When were you on the 634?

    You probably saw my post above. I was on the blue crew '80 thru '84.

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  2. I was on the 634 (gold) from about 91-93 then it went to decom.

  3. coopal_131 wrote:
    Guess I'm in big trouble then, most of mine are decom.
  4. +1 on tube daze this is the funniest Sierra i ever heard and he just nails the essence of Squidness. dudes on Georgia ssbn 729:rofl:
  5. Hey Bubblehead, did you ever hear the 729 famous quote: "There goes the fu&%*%ing mail"?
  6. yeah! that was a bad day for them, two men a tug and mail including the "package" went down. Rushing didn't have such a good CO tourer. Just bad luck.:shakehead:
  7. MT3/SS
    SSBN 739 USS Nebraska
  8. ssbn/ssn 611 John Marshall
    ssn 680 bouncin bill bates
    ssbn 728 florida

    mm1/ss ret

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