Any bass fishers??

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by Ken52789, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Took up fishing this year as another outdoor sport! Picked up plenty of tips and learned a few things. Finally caught some picture worthy bass so here they are...

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  3. nice bass but only one thing wrong when you hold them like that you can break there jaws did you eat or i hope released them and any time you want to chat about bass fishing let me know have been doing it for 37 years

  4. Zombie Steve

    Zombie Steve Decap Pin Killa

    Nice catches...

    I grew up bass fishing in Kentucky, but my dad was the real fisherman...

    Now I just go after trout with nymphs and dry flies...
  5. Thanks for the info i did not know that. They were eaten so that is good i guess. All the other bass have been mostly C&R
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  6. like i said if you ever want to chat just email me
  7. Where in MI are you? Those are nice!
  8. I grew up here in Louisiana the son of a serious bass fisherman, as we typically fished for fun or prefished a tounament 2-3 days a week for over 20 years... Those bass you have there are nice for any state, but I'd expect those are super good catches for a northern state... Five of those in a day will put you in the $$$ in a tournament anywhere...

    Funny story here... My father had some heavy fish located for an early february tournament about 15 years ago... Come time for weight-in my Dad had his five biggest in the livewell and they weighed 38 lbs. and change ------------ He came in 8th place... He didn't even get his entry fee back... I still rub that one in on him, lol....

    Congrats again, those are solid bass..
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  9. I will defiantly take you up on this.

    I'm about 30 mins east of flint.

    Thank you, they are by far the biggest bass I've caught. I see a ton of pictures from the south where the bass are absolutely monstrous! What a cool story about your father as well.
  10. What's the secret to catching them? I go to a pond that has some big ones. But they will swim up to my bait, flip me a middle fin and swim away.
  11. bustedknee

    bustedknee Curmudgeon

    I take my elderly Uncle fishing frequently. He lives to fish. Any fish, any water.
    I lived in Alaska for 35 years and now find fishing here to be somewhat anti-climatic.
    So I put on the largest lure I can find then cast away, hoping I won't have to touch no nasty old fish.

    Then, WHAM! Walleye!

    So my advice is, try to not catch fish.

    Remember the advice your dad gave you about women? The more you ignore them the more they want you.

    Apparently it works on fish too. :animlol:


    BTW, Ken, nice bass. I'm told we are going to get into the big bass as soon as the weather cools down.
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  12. I don't know the secret lol I got lucky this time! I love fishing with spinner baits because it keeps me active but those were caught on a texas rigged black 7 inch worm and a hot and tot just screwing around!

    Bustedknee I have yet to catch a walleye. I've tried to catch them but no luck. We used some heavy jigs and bottom bouncers. Oh well there's always next time.
  13. First off use a bait that looks as life-like as possible, don't use a real heavy line if the water is clear... Another way I've used is to reel the bait faster, in an attempt to make a predator specie strike the bait from a predator reaction instead of letting the fish examine a slow bait and figuring out it's not what he wants...

    What time of year or water temp are you referring too.. Spawn, maybe 65-72 degree water temp..
  14. Tried cat fishing for the first time. What a blast... you can't tell what's on the other end in the dark when you hear the splashing lol.

  15. It's that time again. Caught on a lip less crank bait. [​IMG][​IMG]
  16. I gave up on artificial lures and started fishing with live worms from the Walmart sporting goods department cooler. I ALWAYS catch bass with those. The only artificial lure that the bass in that pond have ever eaten is a surface popper. I tried all kinds of artificial worms and spinnerbaits and never caught anything besides two bass with the poppers. Switched to live worms and never failed to catch bass. The only problem with using live worms is the smaller pan fish like them as well, and I don't care about catching those.
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  17. [​IMG]

    My buddies big bass

    Big bass i caught too bad part of his tail was missing
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  18. Zombie Steve

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    Heck of a nice meal by the campfire.

  19. Good healthy fish, and make notes of the conditions when they were caught... It'll be very helpful in the next year as information that can be applied in a alot of places.. Pay close attention to the depths and underwater cover/structure too, cause they may be traveling from shallow to deep and vice versa as the day goes on...

    Often this time of year they'll spend a good deal of time in a little deeper water next to the shallows, and orienting themselves to a certain cover/structure they they like.. When the night falls they often begin to move to the shallows for a PM baitfish feast... We usually have a lull in the bite from nightfall till around 11pm or so, then picking up toward midnight and peaking from 2am till 4a-5a and continuing until the sky begins to glow in the east.. Especially in the hot and sunny summer where day after day isn't the kind of conditions that bass like, they'll often have heavy bites and bigger bites in the am hours.. They hit harder at night too, which is fun..
  20. thanks for the info! i've never really tried night fishing for bass. Do you use poppers and jitterbugs or what?
  21. Mainly spinnerbaits near the surface but sometimes a buzzbait, any sort of top popper, etc. depending on the cover you're fishing... Ive seen plenty of nights where they wanted some dead quite like a soft plastic jerkbait, or plastic worms on the bottom..

    I really like a windy bankline where the foodchain builds up, they're usually eager to punish most anything that resembles a baitfish or crawfish... I typically throw a spinnerbait first beacause of the high bass activity and it's a bait that will cover water quickly and stay out of the snags and hangups.. No need to baby feed the fish if they're active and willing to run and hunt... If that don't work then I'll go to something slower like a sort of injured baitfish mimic, then to something on the bottom if that fails but the spinnerbait is a good producer that usually does a good job in those conditions..

    Missing the nightbite especially in the summer is a tragedy, as that is they're heavy feeding hours.. Oh, and it's gets me out of the 100+ degree heat and sunburns...
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