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AntiVir question / problem

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by -, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Guest

    This links was post in a thread and i thought i would give it a try. I am still looking for a AV program that i like, and i am all about free! I was not a big fan of AVG as you dont get auto updates, its all done manually. No i dont mind the manual updates, but the people i build PCs for never do any updates, so its basically to keep them up to date.

    The support site for the AntiVir is in german, they are working on an english forum, this is why i am asking TT.

    After loading the program and checking for updates and completing the install i notice my ZA Pro is constantly active with incoming traffic. Double clicking the ZA icon in the systry reveils " AntiVir Guard/XP Control Program " is actively flashing and i have incoming traffic and it never stops!

    what is it doing and why is it constantly running / showing incoming traffic.

    Anybody care to explain why i have this traffic from AntiVir constantly ?

    I did complete a full system scan as part of the setup which was negative.

    I am at a loss as the nature of the traffic and why its consistantly active according to ZA Pro.

  2. The free version of AVG that I have auto updates, you can set whatever time of day you want

  3. Guest


    thx, i uninstalled AntiVir and reinstalled AVG. I do see i had it disabled on the auto updates, opps. This is great news, i liked AVG and its something i can set up to do auto updates and the systems i build for people who never do manual updates.

  4. Anti-Vir will keep your Zone Alarm looking "busy".I went to a firewall checking website and no problems.Anti_Vir has better detection and doesn't slow the PC as much as AVG.AVG is good if you use an email client as Anti-Vir doesn't scan email.I have two PC's with Anti-Vir and XP and one has the Zone Alarm busy and the other one doesn't.I haven't figured it out yet.Abti-Vir will find viruses in zip files and most others including AVG will completely miss them.AVG isn't too bad when it's monitoring the system but when AVG runs it's scan,everything else in the PC slows to almost stopping.I set a friend's PC with AVG because of ease of use and auto updates.
  5. Guest


    I can live with AVG slowing my system down when scaning but, i really do find the constant equalizer effect on my systrays ZA icon very irratating.

    I am still searching for a perminent AV, i will live with AVG until i find it.

  6. Even with the Zone Alarm tray icon "busy" I get no activity on my router.