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Anti-austerity protests grip 56 Spanish cities

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by GAFinch, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. GAFinch


    Feb 23, 2009

    Romney or not, recession/depression or not, this crap's coming here. Make sure you're prepared.
  2. DonGlock26


    Jan 18, 2001
    Notice how AP doesn't really explain what is being cut and why? They just want to talk about the protesters and their message.

  3. When was the last time the news media told us "what and why"? It's all about emotions and sound bites.

    So far the worst Spanish "austerity" measure I could find was a new 20% tax on lottery winnings. Is that what people are protesting about?
  4. Cavalry Doc

    Cavalry Doc MAJ (USA Ret.)

    Feb 22, 2005
    Republic of Texas
    Dang, what are the odds of winning over there, 1 in 10?

    An interesting factoid:

    Word of the year

    Merriam-Webster's Dictionary named the word "austerity" as its "Word of the Year" for 2010 because of the number of web searches this word generated that year. According to the president and publisher of the dictionary, "austerity had more than 250,000 searches on the dictionary's free online [website] tool" and the spike in searches "came with more coverage of the debt crisis"
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2012