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Another stupid hunter giving us a bad name

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by mpol777, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. mpol777

    mpol777 Feral Member

    Jul 23, 2001
    Cochise County, AZ
    This was not an "accident"!! At the most it was manslaughter at the least it was criminal stupidity. I feel bad for the two boys.

    Teen Accidentally Killed By Father While Hunting

    POSTED: 10:32 PM EST January 18, 2004
    TAYLOR, Fla. -- A 14-year-old boy Jacksonville boy was shot and killed by his father Saturday morning in what the Baker County sheriff called a tragic hunting accident.

    Dennis Plucknett was on a weekend trip in a hunting camp near the Georgia state line with his two sons, 14-year-old Alex and 17-year-old Jonathan.

    Investigators said that about 9:30 a.m., Plucknett asked his older son to see if he could see an animal moving in the woods. He couldn't, so he handed the .308 rifle to his dad. Thinking it was a hog, Plucknet fired one shot, hitting his son in the back of the head.

    When the father called 911 on his cell phone, authorities said he was so distraught they could not get enough information to locate him. Another hunter then called and got rescuers to the scene, but Alex was pronounced dead at the scene.

    "Unbelievable," Baker County Sheriff Joey Dobson said Sunday. "Of course he couldn't believe it."

    Dobson said it was painful to see the father so distraught. He said the state attorney's office would review the case, but there is no evidence of foul play.
  2. allhowl


    Dec 16, 2001
    NE Okla.
    I have passed up opportunities because of safety reasons or because the light wasn't right or my cross hair wasn't showing on the target good enough. IF THERE IS ANY DOUBT ABOUT THE SAFETY OF ANY SHOT OR OF THE TARGET, FOR GODS' SAKE DON'T DO IT!! Most accidents are preventable if we just slow down and focus on what we are doing by being careful. If in doubt don't!

  3. jchast

    jchast Draw Yer Gun!

    Sep 23, 2003
    Western PA
    I think the pain and anquish this father will have to go through for the rest of his life will be sufficient punishment for him.

    I hope he never touches a firearm again.
  4. nipperwolf


    Oct 3, 2002
    similar thing happened near here 2 years ago.
    guy took a 200yd shot at what he THOUGHT was a coyote.

    killed his grandson.
  5. MDT

    MDT Glock21Love

    Mar 24, 2003
    Claremore, OK
    Tragic and utterly stupid...

    This violates every law of safe firearm handling. I have always wondered "who would do that?" when you ask a landowner for permission to hunt on their land when they say "No, I have had my cattle/horses shot before". My thoughts were "how could you mistake a horse/cow for a DEER?!?". These nuts DO NOT identify their targets!! This is the most extreme example of not identifying a target. How tragic for the family. I agree with jchast, no more firearms for this guy.

  6. This could have been easily avoided if dad had identified the target and might have been reduce if they ( assuming they didn't) had blaze orange on.
  7. f1b32oPTic

    f1b32oPTic R4d104c71v3

    Aug 5, 2003
    up close & personal
    i just dont understand shooting at an unknown target...

    tragic and stupid.

    i mean i wont shoot if i think light brush is gonna deflect my shot even after i can see the whole deer in my scope.
  8. haneym


    Nov 4, 2003
    this was just down the road from me (except baker county has a much lower IQ if ya get my drift). the kid was not wearing orange and the father took a 225 yd shot (with a .308 i believe) to the back of his sons head. no excuse at all, he should be charged with manslaughter! what kind of shot placement & chances of a clean kill can you get when you cant even tell the difference between a hog and person?!?! he had no business pulling the trigger. needless to say, he will pay for a lifetime. its all over the news around here and definitely give hunters a bad image! :(
  9. sarge

    sarge Millennium Member

    Jan 26, 1999
    90.44.1W 35.48.4N
    Man, this is like deja vu. This happened the last weekend of December here in Arkansas. A father shot his 14 year old son, and he bled to death in his fathers arms. The father had already shot a turkey hunter a couple of years ago. Here is what was in the Arkansas Dem/Gazette...

    Hunter takes son, 14, for buck, kills him
    More like friends than just family, Brady Galloway and his dad, Gary, hunted together at every opportunity. They went on a hunting trip in the southeastern part of the state about three years ago, and each killed a deer.
    "That was a great moment in our lives," the father said.
    But the pastime the two shared as friends ended Sunday in Cleburne County, when Gary Galloway held his 14-year-old in his arms after Arkansas Game and Fish Commission officials said he mistook the boy for a buck on a hillside and shot him.
    "We’d always been close," Galloway, 47, said. "We were close when he died."
    Before dying, Brady told his dad how much he loved him, and the father told his son the same.
    "He was my buddy. I mean me and that boy got along," the father said. "We were just that close, but it all came to a tragic end. You can’t believe how tragic."
    On Monday night the elder Galloway also pointed out how happy his son was and that they lived their lives fully. Brady, who shot his first deer when he was 9, killed 11 deer in his lifetime. The father has killed 95 in his 47 years.
    The two of them have won fishing tournaments. Brady bought a rifle with some of the winnings. A deer Brady hunted hangs in the family’s Sugar Maple Inn in Greers Ferry along with a mounted fish.
    This is the third hunting-related fatality of the season. Galloway and his son were hunting on the last day of gun deer season.
    Galloway fired his 7 mm magnum from about 150 yards away, said Nancy Ledbetter, speaking for the Game and Fish Commission. He heard a scream, which he thought came from the animal but soon realized it was his son.
    "As he watched it through his scope on his gun, he was convinced it was a buck," Ledbetter said.
    Galloway shot the boy once in the buttocks, and the bullet went through his upper thigh, she said.
    "He bled to death before help could arrive," said Ledbetter, who said the private land where they were hunting was "inaccessible" to authorities. The teenager eventually was taken to Baptist Health Medical Center in Heber Springs.
    Brady was a "well-disciplined" student who often arrived early at West Side High School with his mother, Cindy, who works in the cafeteria, said Principal Stacy Richardson.
    Neither father nor son was wearing the required hunter orange, Ledbetter said.
    "We believe hunter orange is very important for hunter safety," she said.
    Also, when hunting deer, hunters are required to make certain that at least one side of the buck’s rack has three points, she said.
    Agents for the Game and Fish Commission are investigating and Prosecuting Attorney Don McSpadden will review their report before deciding whether to charge the father. McSpadden said he would need evidence of extreme indifference to human life to charge the father.
    Arkansas’ first hunting-related fatality of the 2003-2004 season occurred in Monroe County in November when a man fired at a deer across a field in the late afternoon and hit another man, said Joe Huggins, hunter education coordinator for the commission.
    The second occurred in late November or early December when a boy in Grant County dropped a shotgun, which discharged and killed him, Huggins said.
    About 15 hunting accidents have occurred so far this hunting season, which ends in June, compared with 20 last year, he said. The game commission issues about 350,000 hunting licenses each year
  10. WTF: 95 deers in his lifetime and he can't tell a difference from 3 point buck and kid.

  11. Guest

    That is so sad. Those poor families! The mothers, the mental anguish those fathers must be going through. I cant even imagine. Ive creamed my little brother on accident with a baseball bat (thought he was a thief, that tought him not to try and sneak in through the window after curfew! We still laugh about it) I felt awfully bad, he had a huge bruise all across his back. That is nothing compared to actually killing someone, much less your own son! Wow.

    Ive shot a lot of things in my short life, but Ive always been damn sure of my target before I fired, this just reinforces that.

    Make sure we all learn a good lesson from this.