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Another one down. I'm 5 for the year!

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by vafish, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Shot my 5th deer of the season yesterday evening.

    Most I've ever shot in a season was 2 up until now.

    The plan was to take my 2 sons out hunting, but the younger son had a bunch of homework that he had been putting off doing. Homework not done means no hunting. So the 16 year old boy and I headed out at O' Dark Thirty for the property of a friend of mine.

    I received a Remington 722 in .300 Savage from a friend a couple of years ago. Her dad had re-stocked it, put in some inlay's, fore end tip, did a beautiful job and it fits me perfectly. When I picked up the rifle and looked through the scope I knew it had to be mine. No one in her family hunts and I thought it would be a suitable honor of her father to use it deer hunting.

    I only take the rifle out on real nice days. Yesterday was a beautiful day for hunting, it's the tail end of our season and we can only shoot doe now. As it was almost getting dark I shot a small doe with it, range about 80 yards. At the sound of the shot she took off running and ran out of sight. I waited a few minutes and got down from the stand to look for blood. About 15 minutes later my hunting partner showed up. He found the first small spot of blood. Very little blood for about 50 yards, then a real good blood trail for about another 75 yards and we found her. Perfect heart shot. I've never had a deer run that far with that little blood and that good of shot placement. that first 50 yards of tracking was very slow. We were starting to think either we weren't going to recover her or it was going to take us many hours to find her.

    I'm going to have to re-evaluate my handloads, the .300 Savage has a pretty decent reputation for putting deer down.

    After I finished gutting her out my hunting partner carried the rifle while I dragged the doe out. We got back to the cabin and he put my rifle in the gun rack outside. I still had some blood on my hands so I asked my 16 year old son to put the rifle in it's case. I didn't pay close attention to him as I carried a load of other stuff into the back of the jeep and slammed the tailgate shut. I heard the sickening sound of metal scraping on metal followed by a loud clatter in the gravel. As I stepped around the back of the Jeep I saw my beautiful rifle laying in the gravel. My son is very lucky that my hunting partner is a cop, and the ground is very rocky so I didn't feel like digging a grave.
  2. Good job on filling up the freezer!!!

    not so much on the rifle....

  3. Sometimes, at least what I have found is,,, the body cavity will have to fill up, before they start pouring blood. Especially if you hunting off the ground and dont have the angle(exit wound low). Im guessing thats what happened here. Does that make sense?
  4. When is dinner? I'll bring some potatoes and cake or cookies.

  5. I've seen that with high hits when archery hunting, but, this one had a nice low exit wound. The shot was from a tree stand so it hit a bit higher and exited lower. The wound was not very large, one of the reasons I'm re-evaluating the handloads, I think the bullet may be made for a bit higher velocity then I was pushing it.

    One other possibility now that I think about it, It's been real cold lately,she had a lot of fat on her and her fur was very thick. It's quite possible the exit wound plugged up a bit at first with some fat/hair.


    I'll probably be eating dinner about 7:00. I think I have a nice bottle of red wine to go with the tenderloins.
  6. I bow hunt, thats really were I was coming from.

    If she was a fatty that could have plugged the wound too.

    MMMMM tenderloins!!!

    I love bambies-in-a-blanket!!
  7. Jacobdw


    Feb 23, 2009
    Vafish, Where do you hunt? Im in manassas and Im looking for I place in NOVA to take advantage of the extended season. Im mainly interested in bow hunting, as I just got my bow and I would love to take one with it soon. let me know if you want some help :wavey:
  8. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle

    Jul 26, 2002

    Hey wait a cotton pickin minute here... Is this some exclusive club, or can some more buds come and eat some of this 1,000#'s of venison you been collecting the past months ? LOL

    Uh I do like some very hot peppers with mine, and the red wine sounds real good as well man... ;)

    LOL In a sad but funny way, about the son, the gun, and the cop friend, and your wanting to strangle your own flesh and blood. haha

    I already been there and had that happen to me in many ways my friend. In fact he is 27 now with two kids and still screwed up my vintage Honda 3 wheeler that has been running great since 1984. :steamed:

    Congrats Vafish. I am really happy for ya man.
    You need to come teach me and noway all these deer hunting secrets. ;)

    Stay safe.
    I would say good hunting but Sheeeeh !

  9. Sounds like you have had a great season, congrats. Deer hunting still remains to be my very favorite
  10. Season is not over yet. Still can shoot doe until the 27th of March.
  11. WOW..That's a long season. You must have alot of deer out that way. Do you hunt open ground or woodland.
  12. The long season is an Urban Archery season. It's only in the populated counties of Northern Virginia and a couple of other cities around the state.

    The Urban Archery season starts in early September and runs through the last Saturday in March. The limit is 2 deer per day, you get 6 deer on a big game tag and you can buy bonus antlerless tags $18 for 6. Can't hunt on Sundays, but if you hunted every day of the season you could shoot an awful lot of deer.

    And yes we have a lot of deer. There is a park about half a block from my house. It runs along a little creak for about 2.5 miles. They won't let us bow hunt in it, so they brought in police sharp shooters last year. IIRC they shot about 250 deer in the park.

    In the county I live in our deer density is about 4 times what the wildlife biologists say it's maximum carrying capacity should be.