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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by bobby_w, Nov 7, 2004.

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    I just ordered the new Creative Labs Zen Micro MP3 player. I do a lot of world travel and want to take some music with me. Mid-East radio is terrible.


    What bit rate should I be ripping my CD collection at for this device? I never listen to MP3's on my PC as I have a 300 CD Pioneer player for my home stereo. I want to rip just for the Zen Micro MP3 player only.

    I have about a terra byte of storage with my home PC's and servers so space is not a problem. I've been an IT nerd for 20 years, just not a music ripping nerd.

    I have Nero 5.5 and 6.6 to use as the ripper.

  2. Halo

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    For your purposes on a portable player, somewhere between 128-192kbps should be fine.

  3. I generally rip at 160 or 192. I only plan on ripping a cd once and I keep a backup on my server, so I might as well make it a good copy. It does take up a bit more space.

    In your situation, I would rip once at the higher and resample at a lower bit rate to fit more music on the player since you are going to be out of contact with your computer possibly.

    Just an idea.

  4. chevrofreak

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    I'd recomend 64 or 96 bit rate WMA rather than MP3

    96kbps WMA sounds really quite good for the file size

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