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Another Crimp Question

Discussion in '10mm Reloading Forum' started by texas 48, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. texas 48

    texas 48 Gold Member

    May 19, 2007
    San Antonio, TEXAS
    I have loaded a number of 165MG with starline brass with a 9.7gr charge of Power pistol. The crimp is .419 vs standard .421. Is this way over crimped? or is .002 not a big deal.
  2. JTknives


    Dec 1, 2009
    You know i don't know really know. i just crimp them like how double tap crimps theres. i measure there crimp at like .415 or so at the case mouth right on the edge

  3. Snapper2


    Feb 22, 2008
    s.east Texas
    As for as pressures, it would matter more with a fast burning powder,right? A slow powder might need to be crimped more with a light for caliber bullet as long as doesnt effect the headspace.