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Another cool movie for gun lovers...

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by theTactician, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. coming soon guys, check out the movie called "Death Sentence" which stars kevin bacon. its another cool movie for gun fanatics like us..
  2. Mr Magnum

    Mr Magnum

    Apr 7, 2007
    from the Author of Deathwish??

    WOW!!!!!!!! just what this world needs to watch!

    I think every anti-gun citizen should watch this and every responsible gun-owner should endorse this film!

    hehehe am i too much of a gun nut now?

    hmmm...NOT! just a PRO-GUN activist...(still not a member but soon will be!)

    thanks for sharing!

    Happy & Safe shooting!!

  3. horge

    horge -=-=-=-=- Lifetime Member

    Jan 22, 2004
    almost home
    I thought I heard Bruce Buffer plug for this movie in the
    wind-up to the Couture-Gonzaga match. Interesting trailer.
    I wonder when it'll be screening over here in the Philippines
  4. for sure, its a must see film specially for people who dont believe in guns and also gun afficionados as well.
  5. Valor1

    Valor1 Pro Paingiver

    Jul 6, 2003
    Urban areas
    Never mind the guns. Love the drama and action sequence. Wait for "Death Sentence" starring Kevin Bacon and Kelly Preston. Yeba.
  6. watched the movie already and it was very good. it reminded me of the "deathwish" days of charles bronson. kevin bacon's acting was pretty good and i love the drama of the movie. although the movie was pretty much stereotype, nevertheless, it was done very well.
    makes you realize the harsh realities of life and the possiblity that it could happen to anyone of us. it pays real good to know how to defend oneself and one's family.