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  1. So have they been talking about an ammo ban?I haven't heard anything but it sure looks like everyone think so,I can't find any.

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  3. No specifics are out there. It's just hysteria at this point.

  4. It's crazy!I've seen some on GunBroker,but I'll let the rifle set in the safe before I pay those prices.I'll probably end up back ordering at Cabela's.
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  5. There was talk in the past of the EPA banning lead ammo due to environmental contamination. Holder explicitly said a week ago that executive orders are coming, but didn't offer specifics.

    LASTRESORT20 LongTerm-Guy

    Stopped at Walmart today .....all the 9mm `cheaper` FMJ gone..2 box`s of JHP +p LEFT (20 ROUNDS EACH) $23.95 each and 2 box`s of 45. most of everything else gone.
  7. The EPA came out after that petition and specifically said they had absolutely no jurisdiction over the lead in ammunition, and that they basically weren't going to touch the issue with a 10 foot pole.

    Executive Orders only have so much power.

    Any kind of wide-reaching ban legislation is highly unlikely to clear the House.
  8. Most ammo is getting thin but the .223/5.56 is flat gone.I'm not looking to stock pile myself but like to keep enough on hand to do some shooting if I get the chance.I probably won't do much outdoor shooting till winter is over anyway but you never know.
  9. I was at my LGS today and they still had some PMC bronze 223 left for $18.99 a box. :crying:
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  10. Sportsmans Guide still has allot of steel cased stuff and some brass cases
  11. rootbrain

    rootbrain Mayan Priest

    Not in .223 or 5.56

  12. hotpig

    hotpig IAFF Local 4766

    The fear is the gun grabbers keep mentioning internet ammo. What my customers are saying they fear restrictions on mail order ammo so they want to stock up on the ammo now while the price is low.

    The grabbers have major momentum and it would be political suicide for the Republicans to not pass anti gun legislation. This is not 94 by a long shot.
  13. superdoc

    Millennium Member

    political suicide IF they (Republicans) pass gun legislation
  14. My local Walmart has been getting a steady supply of American Eagle varmint... They started with a 6 box limit now it's 2 box limit. I've been able to get 14 boxes in the last week. Price has held steady at $10.97 per box.
  15. Plenty of Democrats would be committing career suicide to vote for it, too.

    I still think this is a whole lot of bluster and base pandering by the folks on the left. By the time they are actually in the position to push for anything, the general public won't be screaming anywhere near as loud about gun control. Plus, with the failure of the negotiations on the "fiscal cliff", both the House and Senate have bigger concerns on their plate.
  16. SFW


    I've been picking up .223/5.56 as I've found it. Also buying any .45ACP AND 9MM I see at the store. But then I've been doing this since the 2008 election.
  17. Per their website they do have 1000 and 500 round cases of Tula, 820 round case of Lake City tracers and a few different 20 boxes
  18. rootbrain

    rootbrain Mayan Priest

    Must be an update, checked it a couple of days ago.

    Tracer rounds are illegal here in Colorado. To shoot anyway, not sure about buying.

    And I'm not desparate enough to buy Tula yet, LOL.

    And per my other thread, CTD has 1000 case of FMJ 62gr Federal for $999. Ripoffs. But WTH, capitalism at it's best.
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  19. TangoFoxtrot

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    Absolutely! I think too many folks put to must trust in the NRA and republican party to make this all better and go away....its not going to.

  20. Exactly. This is why I don't feel sorry for anyone who saw what happened last time and didn't buy after prices came down. In fact over the last year (before recent events) I have seen prices on some items lower than I have ever seen them. Over the summer walmarts were selling Federal champion 45 ACP for about $27 per 100rds, and I bought 9mm pretty much whenever they had any. Colt 6920's could be had for about $1000 shipped and transfered, and 5.56 XM193 could be had forf $275 for 1,000rds.

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