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  1. Where can I get ammo?
    All seem out of stock

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  2. You don't say what caliber or how much. Having said that, try Cheaper Than Dirt.

  3. He is looking for 5.7x28 ammo. Your link is a good place to start. It seems that FN has a pretty big order for a foreign military so there may be shortages for about six months or so. Elite Ammunition has some in stock, but it isn't their ammo and not the SS195/SS197 that are in the stores. Their ammo is better, but more expensive.
  4. Well, if you choose a round that's difficult to find and also expensive, you should stock up on it when you do find it.
  5. I roll my own except .22, so I have no idea what your talking about
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  6. Up until recently the round was found for a reasonable price on a lot of online ammo sellers. Each round was around the price of a .45 at around 40¢ a piece. I do agree that you should stock up once you find them at a good price.

    Every once in a while Cabelas sells 500 rounds and an ammo can for around $175. There are other places that sell the round for a little more.
  7. Sorry . I was referring to 5.7/28mm
    Thanks for leads

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