Ammo to use in a Garand for hunting?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by LEOson, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Hey all. I'm going on my first deer hunt this year and I'll be using a Garand. Are there any hunting loads that are ok to use in the Garand?

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  3. Any std vel 150gr load should work fine. I would avoid the hi energy stuff like Hornady Superperformance stuff. You aren't going to be shooting a lot of rounds sighting in & hunting, but avoid heavy bullets & higher pressure ammo.

  4. M2 Ball!
    That or get the Schuster adjustable gas nut and set it for your particular non-M2 Ball ammo.

    Shooting a stock Garand (no Schuster nut) with just any ammo could, and very well may, damage you Garand.
    They require a narrow range of powder burn rates and select bullets to match the burn rate of that powder. Combinations outside of the specified range can cause an over pressure condition which will be hard on the op-rod and gas system.

    I say shoot the M2 stuff.

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  5. dkf


    Advertised velocity of plain ole 150gr 30-06 loads like the Rem Express 150SP and the Federal Power Shok 150SP are at the 2900 fps mark. The 152gr M2 ball is at a tick over 2800fps. The advertised numbers on the Federal and Rem are usually generously high.
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  6. SCmasterblaster

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    Does your state limit magazine cap to five rounds?
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  8. This!

    If it's not Garand-specific ammo (like some of the stuff Hornady and Privi are making) you are running the risk of bending the op rod....which is an expensive fix.
  9. Well you can NOT hunt w/ ball ammo. Any std vel 150gr load will be fine in the M1 gas system. Again, it's not like he is going to fire 100s of rounds.:dunno:
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  10. Then he needs the Schuster plug, like I originally mentioned. Unless he really doesn't care about the longevity of his Garand.

    And I wouldn't trust "any std vel 150gr load" to work correctly in the Garand.
    Of course, mine is a "papered" Type 1 National Match!
    YMMV though.

    He may have extra Garands sitting around to use for parts.
    I actually know a guy with 15 Garands.
    In that case, he can shoot anything he wants to shoot.
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  11. This, is a good question...
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  12. Zombie Steve

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    I'm assuming you don't reload. I don't like the idea of a fmj bullet for hunting. At the other extreme, I don't like the A-max bullet for hunting either. It's a really thin-skinned target bullet that will make a big mess inside 200 yards.

    I like the idea of the adjustable gas plug and using normal hunting ammo. The good news is you don't have to go nuts on high end ammo or uber tough bullet construction for deer. The '06 has guts to spare. I've never had a deer stop a 150 grain bullet... even with light "Hmmm... how can I use up these components" loads.
  13. Interestingly, many old time African PH's swore by solids for soft skinned game if one was competent to place the shot correctly. That said, there's a Helluva difference between your average Floyd R. Turbo hunting once a year and an African PH in the Bush year 'round. :whistling:
  14. Thankfully, my state isn't stupid. We can use up to a ten round mag, or in this case a full 8 round clip to hunt with. To everybody else, thanks for the answers. I'm not going to get the gas plug because this is the only year I'll be hunting with it. I just didn't have the funds to pick up a rifle at the moment.
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  15. In that case, I would find another rifle to hunt with; it's not worth the risk of damaging that rifle.....
  16. You guys are running scared. Std vel 150gr ammo isn't going to damage the M1. Std pressure 06 loads are manuf w/ plder rifles in mind, hence lower pressures. High vel stuff, using slower powders or heavier bullet loads like 180gr, are where the op rod gets banged up. JMO, I would shoot a std vel 150gr load & not worry over it.
  17. I have fired hundreds of rounds of Remington Core lokt 150 grain soft point through my old Garand without issue.

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