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Ammo Sources in LEX

Discussion in 'Bluegrass Glockers' started by KYMike, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. KYMike

    KYMike 9mm Apologist

    Jan 23, 2007
    I have never had so much trouble finding ammo in/around Lex! Sportsman's Warehouse has been sold out of all but a few "oddball" calibers for months, and today it's worse than ever. Even WM is almost totally sold out except some WWB in 45, 9, and 40. The usual online sources are completely out of most things, too. This means it's time to strike outside my comfort zone.

    I understand demand is up, supply is short, etc., so I'm not even asking who has it in stock...just looking to add some new stores to the shopping list so I can increase my chances of a find. Who normally carries good SD/hunting ammo in Lex for a fair price? Nothing spectacular....9, 40, 38/357 in Silvertip, Hydras, Gold Dot, Buffalo Bore,etc.

    I know Bud's is usually lacking in any handgun ammo other than off-brand range stuff. A&M has had a diverse selection, but not much stock. What else am I missing? I'm contemplating a run out west to Centerfire or Gilberts. Anywhere else you've had luck?
  2. It's not just Lexington, it's everywhere, both guns and the ammo. I was talking to a fellow worker who works part time at BassPro, and inquired if demand on guns was still so high (yes), and they can't get guns to sell or keep ammo on the shelves.

    The ammo shortage has got to be a demand/supply issue driven by the inevitible legislation to be submitted by anti-gun Democrats. It's coming, you know.:steamed:
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2009

  3. moreammoplz


    Jun 28, 2005
    Louisville, KY
    Walmarts in Louisville still have 9mm 100 counts. I miss the days of Dick's Sporting goods selling ammo at $6.98 a box. Last ad for Dicks was closer to $12 for 50.
  4. Yea, me too. But I find the WWB bulk packs at Wally World actually burn a bit cleaner than the $5.98/box RGB (when bought by the case).
  5. KYMike

    KYMike 9mm Apologist

    Jan 23, 2007
    Lex does as well. They had a few 40s left also. No 25, 32, 380, 38, 357, 44, etc. I'm just glad I didn't buy a 327 Federal last year. I haven't even seen an empty spot for it anywhere. One local shop employee said it best, "We're wasting all our energy trying (and failing) to get even a few boxes of 9, 40, and 45 in here....why would we even think about a new cartridge that no one needs yet."

    What I did notice is that Sportman's Warehouse has a nearly full wall of handguns now (in stark contrast to the nearly empty wall around Christmas). I bet the spiraling economy is starting to offset some of the fear-buying.
  6. Ive been to Sportsmans Warehouse a few times, dont care much for their customer service......

    I live in Lexington....check out Classic Arms and Archery on Southland drive....they have plenty of stock of 9/40/45.....they even have the Federal +p+ 9mm in stock......

    other than that, the internet is your friend when it comes to buying ammo....

    Georgia Arms and Ammunition to go are my two main sources for ammo...SD and range