Ammo Sales and Illinois FOID Card

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by flw, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. In Illinois to buy ammo you must present a curent FOID card (Firearms Owners Identification Card).

    I've bought ammo online from three out of state places online. Two of the three had me email a copy of my FOID to them before shipment of ammo. One didn't. I read there shipping policy and even during the order process there was no mention of being from Il and the need to show a valid FOID card.

    My concern is this is they type of situation that the media loves to try stop our online right to interstate commerce.

    I don't know what is legally required by non-Illinois ammo sellers to Illinois buyers but it seems like a shortcut that will get law abiding citizens rights reduced again....

    In short we are not doing ourselves any favors by little shortcuts. BTW- Gun show last weekend in Il and all vendors asked for my FOID. Lets not give them a reason to take away our rights.

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    That I don't live anywhere near the 21st state.

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  3. hotpig

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    As a on line dealer it is not my responsibility to know your laws. State and local laws are to numerous and change so often that even people in those jurisdictions can not keep up.

    Since the company is not in the upside down state reporting him to ISP does no good. He did not break any federal laws so ATF is out. His State does not enforce Illinois law so they are out.

    The only option that I see is maybe burning his house down as a warning. Maybe shooting his wife and raping his dog.

    Seriously if you feel that strong about it buy from some one else.
  4. Same here, I'm so glad to be gone, and not have to worry about such asinine laws.
  5. Warp


    On a similar note...have you noticed that you can order "repair kits" for standard capacity (>10 rounds) magazines, which consist of every single part needed to build a fully functioning magazine, and have them shipped into 'ban states' like HI, CA, NJ, etc?
  6. Oh absolutely, but you better not send them a completed magazine, because that's illegal. :rofl:

    Although I do wonder if it's illegal to possess them in those states. However, it's not exactly something I worry about, because I refuse to live in states with capacity bans. :tongueout:
  7. I'm from IL and a former FOID holder. An IL resident can drive to Iowa or WI and buy all the ammo they want, no questions ask. I know that's a different situation entirely but more food for thought.
  8. Seems to me that you're fighting the wrong battle.
  9. I tried ordering some ammo from Natchez Shooter Supply, for shipping to my place in AZ. They wouldn't sell the ammo to me because my billing address is in MA. Go figure. :dunno:
  10. You should turn yourself in to the Illinois State Police immediately. If you took delivery of the ammo you are in BIG trouble buddy.
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    I actually bought ammo from a Walmart in Indiana, not far from the Illinois border, and the employee working the counter said they would not sell ammo to IL residents unless they showed a FOID, by policy. I guess that is pretty unusual?
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    I WISH that I could live in TX.
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    Your carry laws are 20 times better than they are in TX
  14. I'm pro gun and I have a FOID card so it is not of issue to me.

    My concern is if a anti-gun person w/o a FOID ordered ammo online and the used the media/general public to urge the President to hurry and close the "loop holes" as they want to see them.

    Anti-gunners using the lack of consistency in interstate commerce to change laws or policy's is what concerns me.
  15. Eh, I don't know, partly yes, partly no, if I have my facts right. If I have my facts right, Vermont doesn't issue CCW permits, which means other states can't reciprocate, which means he can't carry in any state other than Vermont, unless he got a non-resident permit from another state. But that usually requires owning land in the permit-issuing state. So while Vermont does have lax gun laws, and one of the lowest gun crime rates in the country, I wouldn't want to live there.

    However, if I got my facts wrong and Vermont started issuing permits, then I apologize for not being totally up to date.
  16. Warp


    Completely false.

    The most popular non resident permits are Florida and Utah, but there are many others that people get due to the really low prices...such as Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

    TX carry laws are actually not very good at all. Most states have better carry laws. It's weird that way.
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  17. Don't know if it's unusual or not. Iowa and Wisconsin have no restrictions other than being 18 years old for long gun ammo.

    I'm 48 years old (no ID required to prove it!) and don't even need to produce an ID to buy handgun or long gun ammo in Iowa or WI.
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    I would think that the CCW laws are agreeable in TX.

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    Are you familiar with them?
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    No, but I am making an assumption that TX is gun friendly.

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