Ammo gone wildddddd

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by MSims, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Wow i live in south florida and literally all stores and gun ranges are selling 50 rounds of 9mm for 18.95 to 28.95...

    Cheapest is cci aluminum blazer and tulammo and magtech... the rest is from 19.99 to 28.95... but mostly 24.95 everybody sells... all fmj...

    .40 and .45 between 23.00 to 30.00 for a box of 50...

    I dont get it why is ammo prices gone up like crazy... Its not like they are trying to ban ammo?

    What prices have you guys seen?

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  3. 9mm target ammo is $14.99 and HP is $15.99 at local walmart( only place to have 9mm )

    Cabelas got .308 in for under $20 a box

    havent seen .22 since thanksgiving :(

  4. I know walmart is cheap but try to get them... They are always empty and barely get any shipments and now they said you can only buy 3 at the most... I havent seen ammo at 3 of my walmarts in 2 weeks...
  5. MSims,

    Even though it may seem "late in the game" to get into reloading, I feel it is never too late to start. Sure it is going to take some time & investment but one year (or less) from now you will have learned a skill and perhaps an ample supply of ammunition that will keep you from ever seeing yourself in this situation again.

    Just my 2 cents.
  6. So whats the start up cost and how much will it cost to reload 9mm?
  7. MSims,

    These are the bare necessities for reloading, you can always add more items which make life a bit easier but to get started, here is all you need...

    This is the best kit to start reloading with. I have had one many years now and this is what I learned on. For the price - you just can't beat it!

    Brass casings you can pick up for free at your club or range.
    1 lb of powder will run you from $18 up to $24. 1 lb of say Alliant Bullseye will make up to 1500 -1700 rounds.
    Precision Delta - 1,000 124g FMJ bullets will run you $91 including shipping.
    !,000 Federal or CCI primers will run you $33 - $37.

    I can make a box of 50 9mm 124g FMJ RN for right around $7 per box... That covers ALL (some not listed here) my cost!

    This is a process, and will take some time to learn but like they say the hardest part of any journey is the 1st step.

    Good luck and be safe out there.
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  8. SCmasterblaster

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    I am SO glad that I reload my ammunition.
  9. About $21 here at the local range and GS. Was $10-14 last fall.
  10. FatBoy

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    I've grabbed about 6k rds of ammo at my two "local" WMs in the last month or so. They are each getting small shipments a few times a week. They have all kinds, 9mm(50/100 rd packs), 45acp(50/100/250 rd packs),38, .223 tula brass, 5.56 Federal cans, 22lr.
  11. + 1 The sooner one starts reloading the sooner one controls their ammunition supply. SJ 40
  12. The fellow on the radio said,"The sole purpose of modern American capitalism is to separate you from your money", "gone are the days integrity and pride in workmanship"...I believe that to be true, how else does anyone explain the current state of price gouging: I'm sorry, I meant to say, supply & demand.
  13. SCmasterblaster

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    As long a I can get components (primers, bullets, propellant). :cool:
  14. Every place around me have bare empty shelves :crying:
    Places I find online that have it are overpriced:steamed:
    So have guns but no ammo to shoot. Im afraid to shoot the ammo I have :crying:
  15. what prices have you been finding for what caliber?
  16. Like $2o-24 box 50 for 40 cal range ammo like blazer. Same price for 9mm.
  17. SCmasterblaster

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    That is correct - right now I have 600 rounds for my Glock 17.
  18. My local gun shop is now keeping what little pistol ammo they have left in back. The shelves are bare. They will sell you ammunition along with a new gun, but not otherwise, even regular customers like myself. I go there about once a week to chat with friends that work there. I bought a new H&K yesterday and they asked me if I wanted any ammo to go with it. I told them no thanks that I was good on .40 cal and they basically told me that there wouldn't be any left the next time I came back, or for a good while after that. Crazy.
  19. SCmasterblaster

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    Thanks to the Kenyan POTUS, everyone is stocking up on ammo big time.
  20. Spent this past weekend helping a friend who is a dealer at the Barre gun show,don't know if you went or not.
    Everything was selling even thing that one wouldn't think as being in demand.

    I was a given that black anything,ammunition and magazines would be flying out of there and boy did they.

    The surprise to many sellers were side by side shotguns and lever actions of any caliber.
    One dealer next to us had 6 used SxS and 8 new fly out of his rack in the two days.

    There was a fellow going around buying any and all amounts of 45-70 ammunition and asking if a case of it could be obtained.
    Perhaps people were heading Joe's advice on shotguns,although a good pump is hard to beat.
    It was a hectic weekend. SJ 40

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