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Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by kmrcstintn, Feb 28, 2013.

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    I went with my buddy today to meet someone to buy an SKS. They decided to meet at Gander Mountain, and after the purchase we decided to walk in and look around, although I was almost certain there wouldnt be any ammo.

    To my surprise, they were fully stocked up on EVERYTHING excluding 9mm FMJ. But they had plenty of .45ACP ammo so I bought a 250 round box of UMC for $115 out the door. :cool:

    Im a little short on .45 ammo, but I figured I would leave some for the next guy. :wavey:

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  2. That comes out to $23 per 50 rds. for that crap. Did you get kissed? :whistling:

  3. Glock19Fan

    Glock19Fan Cool Guy

    Im not sure what you mean, but this was the price of .45ACP ammo before all the panic buying. If you were suggesting UMC is bad ammo, I disagree based on my experience.

    The only problem I ever had with UMC was with some 9mm ammo from the late 80s or 90s. It was a 147 grain exposed lead tip flat point. Almost like a filled in hollow point. The only gun we tried to fire it from was a recent Hi Point 9mm, and almost every round nose dived into the feed ramp.

    But I have used UMC in almost all of my common calibers, and while it certainly isnt my prefered ammo, it beats the hell out of steel cased ammo, and in my area it is actually CHEAPER than steel case ammo.
  4. Will Beararms

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    [Between stocking up for a long time and reloading we are comfortable. I can't understand anyone not prepared for shortages and political fluctuations.[/QUOTE]

    I have learned my lesson.
  5. My ammo cabinets are so full they are pulling down about 1/8 inch from the ceiling. My tumbled brass buckets are full, my untumbled brass buckets are full,. my tumbler is full, four presses sitting idle and I still have plenty of bullets, powder, and primers ! I wasn't prepared for all this shortage crap, I'm just lucky......and lazy, else all this ammo would be loaded and shot !!!
  6. Only masterblaster could quote himself then talk about back muscles. Lol. Just jokes.

    I get pissed when I see 9mm Tula selling for 30$ for 50rds. This is one hell of a storm were going through.

    On my local forum before the election I made a post talking about how I thought 22lr would be in high demand and no one would be able to get it if SHTF. Another member have me bad rep for making such a ridiculous claim.

    Sometimes I ponder diving into a more obscure caliber. Just so I could do some shooting. I thought I was good with my 357sig, but now maybe ill find myself a gun in 17hmr or something.
  7. I wonder when there will be a run on all these shelves of shogun ammo.

    I am stocked up well in all my calibers but I will only shoot what I get new. I also have been reloading for over 35 years.

    Somehow, I even have a lot of 22 LR.

    In Walmart, people are desperate for 9mm and 22 LR.

    This might be a good time for some to shoot black powder. That seems fully stocked. ;)
  8. Seem like the shortages are somewhat LGS has not really seen any shortages in ammo, guns, yes,but not ammo....I stop about once or twice a week since before all the panic, mostly just to shoot the s@$t...and have never seen empty shelves....plenty of 223/5.56 and 9mm along with most other popular calibers and no gouging! Thursday,I just picked up another 100 rds of black box xm193's for 11.99 per 20...the only thing they seem short on is 22lr...but bricks seem to come in on occasion...and go for about 20$
  9. It seems that some shops get it......and some don't. Friend of mine recently bought two cases of 9mm from a shop in Ohio....$269/case. Place was full of restriction on how much you bought. Around here, it's total famine. Can't find a box of fmj practice ammo nohow....
  10. SCmasterblaster

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    I am glad that I reload. :cool:
  11. varget

    Hope you have plenty of primers as there are none online anywhere.
  12. Well, it's costing you more to buy the ammo than reload it, about 100% more. Skills, yes, it is not baking cookies, but it is an easily learned skill.
    IMO, easier to find 1000 affordable primers today than 1000rds of affordable ammo. A LGS has primers every week, just limits you to 1000 a day @ $30/K. Me, I learned from the 98 shortage, then reaffirmed in the 08 shortage; keep a years worth minimum of every primer size you need.
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  13. Bruno Shooter Supply does have Primers in stock on line. BUT you're gonna pay !
  14. varget

    Thanks for the link. I am amazed at the prices. Don't get old, you will find you get shocked easily!
    Best, Dave
  15. SCmasterblaster

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    I have enough primers for the rest of the year.
  16. What is your point?
  17. Paul53

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    By watching sites like Slickguns and gunbot, and getting on suppliers mailing lists, I'm getting all the ammo I can afford at descent prices. Takes a little work, but I've got 1000 rounds of 9mm target ammo inbound for less than 40 cents per round delivered. It's a price I can live with.

    On Gunbot especially, there's plenty of ammo at double the normal price. Every now and again somebody drops a good deal and it's gone in 10 or 15 minutes
  18. I am OLD !! AND I am not paying his prices either. Local shop had primers today at normal prices. Paid $15 for 400 small rifle. Would have been cheaper if I got 1000 but don't shoot that rifle much.Hang in there, won't be long till things settle down.
  19. FLIPPER 348

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    I was only 14 .......but I did start reloading just over a year ago after slimming the collection down to two calibers and have not bought a box of pistol ammo since!
  20. Not a single store in the area has anything but rifle and shotgun ammo. No online places have anything to buy. I haven't had a decent amount of ammo since November.

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