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  1. you know there is a major shortage when I get ecstatic to see steel cased Tula Ammo in 9mm and buy it without hesitation... :shocked:

    not saying it's bad but far from the brass cased American made stuff I prefer for my Beretta 92FS

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  2. SCmasterblaster

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    that I started reloading in 1978. :cool:

  3. The wife and I have bought exactly 4 boxes of ammo since October. 2 boxes of Blazer Al cased 9mm Makarov and 2 of the same in 10mm. just so we could shoot a bit without having to worry about collecting the "brass" in the wet grass.

    Between stocking up for a long time and reloading we are comfortable. I can't understand anyone not prepared for shortages and political fluctuations.
  4. I have stashed a fair amount, but don't want to dive into it if we have a similar social breakdown to nations in the E.U.; I don't reload due to financial constraints and the lack of skills/knowledge to do it correctly :dunno:
  5. SCmasterblaster

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    Reloading is easy to learn. :cool:
  6. I have kept a sufficient supply of premium JHP self-defense rounds for the two handgun calibers I own as well as for the one rifle and one shotgun. I also keep a supply of range ammo but in recent months I've decided to hold these in reserve until more ammo becomes available. The premium-to-range ratio is approximately 2.5:1

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    Not to hard to learn: Here is some simple Basics...Look at it.
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    So have I. For my G17, I have five 17-shot magazines loaded with WW/Fed 115gr JHP +P+ rounds.
  9. Best thing is i have more than I will ever need BUT, that does not say more than I am use to shooting...That said I love to shoot and if that is going to happen I need more ammo ....the rest is for what ever:dunno:
  10. SCmasterblaster

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    It is easy to not go shooting here in Winter VT - the range is covered with snow!
  11. And that's "enough" ?:shocked::shocked:
  12. SCmasterblaster

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    Lord, I hope so. 80 rounds of 9mm 115gr +P+ rounds ought to make an impression.
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    The trick is finding components.
  14. I was in Charleston, WV on buisiness and scored 6 boxes of zinc coated steel cased 9mm, it's imported stuff(forgot the name), and 4 100rd boxes of American Eagle .40. They would only let me have 10 boxes. I then went to the Gander Mountain next door and picked up a 450 round bulk box of .45 ACP, I left happy.
  15. I don't see this changing in the immediate future so if this hasn't convinced even the most slothful of reloading naysayers then I don't know what will.
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    I have 580 rounds of 9x19 ammo left. I'm saving it 'til Summer.
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  17. HKLovingIT

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    I agree. It's convinced me. Starting behind the eight ball but I still see a good amount of components on the shelf here and I have tubs and tubs of brass. Should be fun to get into. Better late than never I guess. :dunno:
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    Tubs and tubs of brass - all from your shooting? That's a lot of shooting! :cool:
  19. And having the space and time to do it
  20. SCmasterblaster

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    You must have excellent back muscles after picking up all of this brass.

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