Ameriglo: OUT OF STOCK?????

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by wuvmyglock, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. The words OUT OF STOCK seem to be a common staple of their website... Are they still in business??:whistling::whistling::whistling::whistling::whistling::whistling:

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  2. There is a reason,I know my first choice in sights is Ameriglo. SJ 40

  3. I think what is happening is they have runs of sights come in and then they go fast. Whether going to retailers or individuals. There were a lot of pistols sold between mid Dec last year and now that still need some nice sights.
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  4. The sell very well and you can buy them cheaper from a dealer.
  5. Which ones are you looking for? I picked up my Pro-Idot Lime front from for my G26 recently.
  6. I have been dealing with Ameriglo for years & "Out of Stock" has been common on the website a lot.

    They change (improve?) product lines often. When Rick was at the Conyers GSSF match in 2011, he had a small bag of prototype sights for grabs. I wound up with a free green fiber optic front & a "CAP" rear.
  7. FireMedic-50

    FireMedic-50 RTF2 Geek

    i dont work with or for buds guns lexington ky, i received ameriglo ghost sites [125's]
    in 30 hours, standard ship

    i am 2.5 hours away....i know that helped.

    i was frustrated too, everyone was out of stock

    give them a try
  8. Yeah, they're real popular. Rick is the man.
  9. like the ghost rings? I am also looking at those.
  10. FireMedic-50

    FireMedic-50 RTF2 Geek

    yep. ghost ring sights
  11. A while back, when shopping for sights, I contacted Ameriglo about something that was not on their website, but was in their catalog...and they were able to find it for me..."we have a couple left...what do you need?"

    Suggestion: can't hurt to call them about the "out of stock" items.

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