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Amd or intel?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by inthefrey, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. inthefrey

    inthefrey Moved on...

    Jul 3, 2009
    Western Pennsylvania
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2011
  2. HotRoderX

    HotRoderX Gen4 BETATester

    Jan 15, 2011
    AMD is good value to price ratio think of it kinda like a Glock working mans processor

    Intel is your high end 1911 Its top quality gonna be a tad faster but its gonna cost ya.

    Personally I prefer AMD you cant beat there value at all. Most the time there almost as fast as Intel's

    Just a heads up this debate can get as nasty or nastier then a 9mm vs 45 debate. I even seen one of these debates go to blows.

  3. inthefrey

    inthefrey Moved on...

    Jul 3, 2009
    Western Pennsylvania
    Our country was founded on the idea that free, open debate is always good.

    I'll keep your heads-up in mind as it progresses...:supergrin: Thanks!:wavey:
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2011
  4. Pierre!

    Pierre! NRA Life Member

    Jun 20, 2003
    Lovin Sparks Nv!
    As I type I am surrounded by AMD chips, and an Intel here and there...

    SandyBridge by Intel is probably where you want to go... Fast, cooler than many top AMD chips... and the cutting edge. Not the least expensive selection though... Go with at least an i5 processor! If you seek *wicked* speed and have the $$$ i7 is Highly Recommended with 8Gb of ram!

    On the other hand... AMD is no slouch! You can get SIX (yah, count em - SIX) processors on one chip for about the same price as the SandyBridge i5 processor... They are quite fast too...

    What does your budget look like??? I just had a client pick up an AMD Quad Core running just under 3Ghz with 6Gb of ram and a 1Tb hard drive for arount $599 from OfficeMax...

    Remember... Friends don't let Friends 'Best Buy'... :cool: The Geek Squad likes to 'optimize' systems ... for an extra $100 or more...

    So, put on your shopping cap and have some fun! NOW IS the time to determine what you want to spend. School sales are ramping up!

    It's a buyer's market out there... Do some sniffing around, and bring us some questions!

    That will make the forum pretty *snappy* for a time... :rofl::rofl::rofl:

    Basically, for $400 to $600 you will be >AMAZED< at what you can get!!!
  5. Angry Fist

    Angry Fist Dehumanizer® Lifetime Member

    Dec 30, 2009
    Hellbilly Hill

    For the win.... :supergrin:
  6. gemeinschaft

    gemeinschaft AKA Fluffy316

    Feb 7, 2004
    Houston, TX
    After you decide, this is where I like to shop

    If it were me, I'd go with Intel, but that's because I like to run Linux.
  7. Pierre!

    Pierre! NRA Life Member

    Jun 20, 2003
    Lovin Sparks Nv!
    Linux, Intel, and nVidia...

    Match made in heaven!
  8. Some time ago AMD was the best bang for the buck. I'm not sure if there is that much difference nowadays.

    Here is the machine I put together a few months ago when my old one died:
    - Intel BOXDX58SO2 motherboard
    - Intel i7-950 CPU (LGA1366)
    - 6x4GB Patriot Sector 5 RAM
    - ATI Radeon HD5770 video card
  9. That's funny, a while ago AMD seemed to be the processor of choice for the Linux-running nonconformists. What happened? :dunno:
  10. wct097


    Jan 11, 2000
    As of late, it really is hard to beat the Intel Sandy Bridge processors. You may get a better deal with AMD, but it's my opinion that the Intel procs are really shining these days.
  11. inthefrey

    inthefrey Moved on...

    Jul 3, 2009
    Western Pennsylvania
    okay - so, it sound like this intel "sandy bridge" processor is winning it lately. Also, what software is written to effectively use 6 processors?

    Now, What about the mobo?
    Any horror or sent-from-heaven stories on motherboards? I've always been an ASUS guy. Never had too much problem with them. Never had a DOA.
  12. What does Intel vs AMD have to do with Linux? I've used Linux for years and years, countless numbers of distros with both Intel and AMD chips and never had a problem that was created or solved because of the type of processor I was using.

    AMD vs Intel really hasn't changed from the old days. AMD usually gives you better bang for the buck whereas Intel usually has the strongest performers but for a premium price.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2011
  13. ASUS make great motherboards, I've never had any issues from one.
  14. I run Linux and always stick to genuine Intel CPU and chipset (integrated video). Intel supports the open source movement. No more AMD and nVidia crappy proprietary chipsets. Fedora 15 runs out of the box on my brand new Sandy Bridge i5 Core.
  15. mr.scott


    Oct 26, 2008
    Pick up an i5 2400 plus h67 motherboard, and 8gb ram, $100 vid card and you will have a screaming machine for $450.
    amd is completely out of the game. Nothing they have can compete with sandy bridge. dollar for dollar, intel will give you more for your money.

    If you can swing it, get an ssd.
  16. IndyGunFreak


    Jan 26, 2001
    I always use AMD's on my builds, laptop I'm on now is an Intel. While I greatly prefer AMD, it works fine.

    I think the more important thing, is to get the processor that is going to best suit your needs. Are you a gamer who needs wild and crazy graphics? Are you an Office person, where the most intense graphics on your monitor is solitaire?

    That stuff makes a difference.

    I buy from
  17. Linux3


    Dec 31, 2008
    2 weeks ago I built a new desktop.
    AMD X6 1090T CPU
    Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H MB, love that USB 3 and SATA 3
    NVidia 450 GTS w/ 1gig RAM
    8 gigs system ram.
    yada, yada.

    OK, Sandy Bridge may be, well it is a faster CPU but will I notice?
    I run Linux which is truly multi threaded (P-threaded) unlike Windows which ids a time share kind of system so I went with the 6 cores.

    The cpu was around $175.00 less than an Intel I was looking at and a very good AMD MB is a fair amount cheaper too.

    Running Fedora 14. This thing is fast and I paid around $650.00 for the bits and parts.

    I could have gone much faster or spent a lot more but would I have really seen the difference? I don't think so.
  18. dkt2k

    dkt2k 'sup?

    Jul 16, 2001
    I built a box about 6 weeks ago; used Sandy Bridge i5-2500k w/ Gigabyte P67 mobo. It screams. Micro Center has awesome prices on the CPU: $179.99 - Newegg wants $219.99.

    Micro Center makes the Sandy Bridge a top price/performance bet, in my estimation.
  19. GIockGuy24

    GIockGuy24 Bring M&M's

    Jul 14, 2005
    With Amber Lamps
    Intel pays AMD a lot of money to use their 64 bit tech. Before that AMD was running neck and neck with Intel for speed. I have to wonder if part of the money deal between them is also an agreement to keep Intel on top and keep AMD a bit behind in speed. AMD is getting plenty of money from Intel.