Am I the only one who likes "speed" loaders?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by HTCgorilla, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. I hear people all the time make fun of "speed loaders" as if it's simply a noob tool. I don't know...I find them quite useful, especially in newer magazines. I probably cap the mag in half the time and do it with much less effort. What say you?

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  3. WarEagle 1

    WarEagle 1 Taco Tuesday

    I find the UpLULA being very useful, the others are just trash!!

  4. Agreed! I get older guys at the range asking about my UpLULA all the time when they see how quickly it allows me to load mags.
  5. NJBeretta

    NJBeretta Got Glock???

    Yes. UpLula is the greatest.

    I have the HKS Speedloaders for the different magazines, but they sit in a drawer now.
  6. Agreed ! SJ 40
  7. I've gotten fairly proficient with my Glock mag loader.

    And a couple guys at my GunClub are really fast with 'em. It's just a matter of practice!
  8. +1 on the uplula. Especially for the 15 round Glock mags: those springs are strong and hurt my ole hands.

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  9. Key words "older guys" and "ole hands". I have been using the Glock tool and am about to get the UpLULA. My thumb joints really start hurting if I don't use a tool. When loading up for a USPSA match filling my 38 super mags without a tool I frequently have to pause to let the pain subside.

    My Dr. is funny. One time he was examining my thumbs and remarked "you are doooomed" I will operate on you before you retire. I just told him to give me another cortisone shot:rofl:.
  10. The upula is a great piece of equipment. Once you see the video, you will be hooked. Once you use one, you will never load another magazine by hand.. I promise you this..Mike
  11. Another Uplula fan. People make fun of all kinds of things about which they are ignorant. I see no benefit in working harder to load magazines more slowly.
  12. M&P15T

    M&P15T Beard One

    Where have you heard folks bad mouth loaders?

    I've been using them for 20+ years, and almost every other pistol shooter I've come across uses them. Pistol mags are a ***** to load without one.

    The GLOCK factory mag loader works very well for me.
  13. They can make fun all they want, but at least my loading thumb is clean at the end of my range sessions lol.
  14. Nothing "noob" about your thumb panging at the end of the day from shooting. Pain is pain, and I am happy to prevent it with this device.
  15. Probably the same guys who trash talk mag loaders are the guys who thumb in those fat 45ACP rounds, and say that "any defensive gun's caliber should start with 4, and preferably end with 5". They typically feel that carrying smaller is something relegated for those who are "less than men". I carry my 9 and load with a UpLULA, and invite them to stand in front of it, if they feel it's less than capable of doing it's job.
  16. JBS


    The Uplula is a great loader because the people that make them are surrounded,,, that simplifies things.
  17. I like the Uplulu speed loader... i attended a defensive pistol course last month... we shot 900+ rds in 2 days... need i say more ?
  18. Hoss

    Who has the best deal on them, I would like to get two, one for my girl and I. Get more shots off in an hour at the range.
  19. Hoss


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