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Am I crazy?????????

Discussion in 'Veteran's Forum' started by popinsmoke, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. popinsmoke


    Sep 18, 2004
    omaha NE
    First let me thank you gentleman for much of the information that I gleaned from this board lurking as I have been doing for quite sometime.
    I have never really felt that I was interested or had anything of real value to contribute to the topics being discussed however I have a life choice that I would like your input as sometime it is a strangers opinion that is the most honest and the truest catalyst of change.
    My choice is this at 30 years old and 7 years into a law enforcement career should I toss it all and join the armed forces?
    Many of the officers on my department are veterans of the armed forces and I must admit that while I am regarded as a dam good cop that gets the job done and you can count on which I take as the ultimate compliment in my world there is a brotherhood within a brotherhood that I feel left out of.
    Perhaps this stems from my family as well as I am the only male child to never have served the family career path has always been “The Service” then a career in police work or a firefighter.
    My older brother who I never met 18 year age difference died in a training mission and it broke my mother heart and she made my father promise that she would never have to give another child to the military.
    Don’t get me wrong both my mother any father are fiercely proud of my families service and of the service of all who serve but it was made clear as a small child that our family had paid our dept for freedom and I was meant for different thing not better just different.
    After high school it was off to collage for me probably one of the worst placed I have ever been I got tired of not being allowed to have a opinion based on the reality of the situation rather the merely regurgitating the bold print back to a thumb sucking bookworms that ignorance was only overshadowed by their complete lack of experience in the real world.
    However some classes I took in psychology changed my opinion I had a professor that encouraged my thinking outside the box and showed my that it is ok to come up with a different solution then everybody else.
    He always told me that you know son there are places in this world that would appreciate the way you think your mind will take you wherever you want to go don’t be afraid to pack your bags and let it.
    I learned after the fact that my professor was a SF medic.
    I love me job and I know that I performing a service to my community and it is a important job that not everyone can or should do.
    However since 9/11 I find myself confronted more and more with the fact that I am member of a purely reactionary force I clean up messes after the fact very rarely do I get a to prevent the very events I am paid to clean up after.
    This fact coupled with the typical angst the average police officer views the revolving door that has become our criminal justice system the armed forces becomes more and more attractive.
    I have talked at length to veterans and they tell me that the service is filled with plenty of bull**** and paperwork and working for jackasses just like police work and that your hands are tied just as much.
    However I have met some exception to this rule and they tend to be from the special operations arena.
    My question is could anyone explain the traditional route Infantry ,Airborne, Ranger school, SF school Q course etc. vs. the new 18X pipeline?
    Do you think that I am crazy for even considering it? Part of me feels that this is just a lingering feeling of utter hopelessness that I think the whole country especially Police/EMS and the military after 9/11.
    I feel that is the conflict that we face it is going to take a unconventional proactive force that is going to have to take the fight to the enemy. A force that is willing to commit to the fact the enemy of today is highly motivated by a hatred that is bred into them from birth to death. A death that is all the more perfect if it can be accomplished in the commission of a despicable act against the innocents they consider a infidel (Imagine if America pushed counter insurgency as hard and they to Football, Baseball and Basketball on our youth and society in general.) Not to many people going to blow themselves up at NFL game just to take out some fans of the visiting team.
    Of coarse I have always harbored the thought that the mad clerics and jihad loving scumbags exploit the face that life in general for the average terrorist scumbag sucks a bag of donkey pole. Think about it blow yourself up and get 70 virgins and a big house in the good neborhood of the afterlife vs. A slow painful death of ignorance and boredom that can only can only be known be those living in the rectum of the planet known as the middle east. Kind of like being trapped at a dinner party with Michael Moore.
    Well I rambled long enough let me have it what do you think of my plan?
  2. Guest

    I think you should join.

    What is the age cut off, i think its 32 for active duty but someone will know.

    I was in the CG but two of my other friends joined other services, Army and Marines. To this day i still get crap from them, i am a puddle pirate in there eyes. Service is not service, same as for you as a LEO vs. LEO with military service. If i was your age i would join, it has bothered me that i joined the CG and not the Marines. let me explain, I joined the CG because they have a peace time mission, Law enforcement, aids to navigation, Fisheries patrols, lifesaving ect..I didnt want to play war games, i wanted to do something. So i figured why join the Marines or Army if i was just gonna play war. Go figure that i join the CG and now we are not playing war anymore, its the real deal.

    If i could do it over again i would join the Marines. I regret it everyday dont make the same mistake i did, if you feel its right for you then do it. Dont live with regrets, it sucks.


    GL to you either way, do whats right in your heart.

  3. jwalk2515


    Jun 7, 2004
    Corinth, TX
    I say go for it, but maybe in a subdued method to start. Why not join the reserves or national guard and ensure that you like it? Not everyone does.

    If you decide to join full time, then ask for a leave of absence from your regular job so that you can go back when your tour is up if you decide not to stay in.

    If you have the education then think about being an officer, the military needs all the good ones it can get.

    you are right about there being groups and subgroups, we military guys tend to be able to find each other in a crowd and you have immediate bonds in any group.

    just my 2 cents. Coming from someone who was active duty Marine for 8 years, got out for 8 1/2 years and just joined back up but with the national guard this time because I missed being with those other military guys.
  4. APD

    APD Trunk Monkey

    Oct 5, 2002
    Travis County,TX
    30 aint old at all.
    I did my time before putting on a badge and looking back I would not have traded it for anything in the world. It meant that much to me .

    I would do it, worse case scenario you get in for a few years, dont like it then get out.
    As for the differences in the sections of Infantry...Infantry is the ONLY thing you should go into if you go into the Army, the rest is just support.
    Regular infantry is ground pounding. It is not glamorous but remember all those SF and super high speed mofos had to start as a basic Infantry grunt in the beginning.
    Ranger School is exactly that, a great school but a school nonetheless. Ranger Battalion is an Infantry unit (airborne) that has better equipment and motivation than a regualr infantry unit. They get the best and have to be the best, no low standards there.
    SF is strictly for those that have been there and done that in my opinion. After about 5 years as airborne infantry I felt like I could possibly handle the SF lifestyle. You will probably NOT jump into anything super duper like SF. It usually (not always) requires several years of service.
    Airborne infantry is infantry that is additionally trained to exit aircraft (helicopter and fixed wing) by static line jump. Kinda fun, very dangerous and hurts like a mother when you hit the ground.

    Plan on having 18 years olds bossing you around, workng like a proverbial slave and meeting the best people you will ever have the pleasure to meet.
    Feel free to PM if you need any further info, I would be glad to offer what I know.

  5. If you fail the 18x pipeline you will probably go to the 82nd ABN, or possibly Korea, they might send people to other places but from the 18x dropouts/failures thats what usally happens.

    I would stay in Law Enforcement. I say this for some various reasons, if you have any physical problems say back, knee, ankle issues, you will be troubled by them your whole time in the Army especially if you go to an ABN unit, theres only one ABN division thats the 82nd ABN, there is a Brigade in Italy, and there is a Battalion in Alaska. There are other units like the Ranger Regiment, some LRRS units that you have to be Airborne Qualified as well as well as Special Forces. Do you have a 4 year degree? If you do you can come an E4 if you go enlisted, then go to SF selection, and you wont have to bother with the 18x pipeline.

    Saying that your 30, and have been in law enforcemt for 7 years, I would go the SF route. The reason is they operate by BIG BOY Rules, which is just do the right thing, and be responsible, that would better suit you that some 20 year old E4 team leader in an Infantry line squad yelling at you for not filling up your canteen. Plus even though they dont allow, hazing or stuff like that, in Infantry you still get treated like crap for awhile, and get the shaft with detail, and dutys, but its apart of being new.

    I honest would stay in LE if it was my choice. Your still serving your country, and doing a good job of it. I have alot of respect for our civilain law enforcent. They do a number of things to keep us all safe.

    One thing is usally you can go back to your dept if you do decide to enlist or get commisioned, and keep the same rate of pay and rank as when you left, that might change between depts but my buddy just got out of active duty after 3 years and he went back to his local pd, and retained the same rank and pay, well his pay went up cause they also gave him the 3 years active duty as 3 years service with the dept too.
  6. magsnubby

    magsnubby NRA LIFE MEMBER

    Apr 24, 2004
    fresno, ca
    That's a tough decision that only you can make. You need to do some serious soul searching. If it's something you really feel strongly about you should do what feels right for you.

    Sometimes you just have to follow your heart.

    Best of luck in whatever you decide.
  7. 16vmkII

    16vmkII Whipped

    Aug 7, 2004
    Don't get me started on how difficult it was going from being a professional to being a private in basic training..(well, only while iet status) when I decided to go back into the service (reserves)...

    If you're really serious about this why not join the National Guard. Their motto "You Can" 'get deployed', may fill your desire to serve your country while you're playing out in the desert in 6-9 months...;)
  8. 16vmkII

    16vmkII Whipped

    Aug 7, 2004
    Don't get me started on how difficult it was going from being a professional to being a private in basic training..(well, only while iet status)

    If you're really serious about this why not join the National Guard. Their motto "You Can" 'get deployed', may fill your desire to serve your country while you're playing in the desert in 9 months...;)
  9. Sam White

    Sam White I miss you bud Silver Member

    Nov 17, 2001
    South Dakota
    One piece of advice about the Army- it may look a certain way to you from where you are now but will probably look a lot different once your in. This is true especially since you're 30. Yes, the SF is highspeed and perform a noble function in our country. But you will come into the Army after being used to being treated with some respect in the workaday world and with a body that won't recover as fast as an 18 year old's.

    Join the guard or reserves and if you hate it at least you'll be able to finish training and come home (unless you're deployed). If you still feel the same way on the other end of initial entry training, transfer to active duty and pursue SF. You could still get deployed in the guard and spend 14 months in the desert like my unit did, and still do your part.

    Something else to consider: those who are or have been infantry will tell you infantry is the only way to go in the Army. For someone at your age, though, it may be worth considering other fields as well. If you want to be in it for the long haul support MOS's aren't so bad. My instructors told me as much: if you are in your late 20's or older and want to get in for a career think about a support MOS.
  10. JDThorns


    Nov 7, 2002
    Monterey Ca
    I agree with A_Swede_17_1911. With your time already in LE plus the time in the military when you get out you can get an LE job just about anywhere you want. JDT