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  1. OK Zombie, Colorado, Fred, Jack... After all these years I am convinced my RCBS and Lee dies may be inadequate. I want to move to the upper echelon of reloading on my single stage press.

    Which dies do I buy to reload 45 Auto? Redding? Forster? other? and which ones? If I'm going to loose sleep over "doing it right", I might as well have the best dies. I looked at the catalogs and there are too many die to choose from.

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  2. Boxerglocker

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    You want to change dies to use on your SS in hopes of gaining what? :dunno:

  3. GioaJack

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    Boy, you're asking the wrong guy here. Although one of my 1050's is set up with Dillon .45 dies one of my LNL's is set up with a RCBS 3 die set that are over 30 years old and they've loaded a hell of a lot more rounds than the Dillons.

    I really don't know what you're going to gain by changing dies other than having a new toy... which I'm not totally opposed to.

    All I did with the RCBS is add the $8 decapping stem for progressives... keeps the spent primer from being sucked up back into the primer pocket.

    I really don't think pistol dies make that much of a difference, if any, unless you have a defective one of course. (I've never owned or used Lee dies but I imagine they get the job done.

    I still have, and use 48 old Lyman dies... had to add carbide sizer dies to them since they didn't come with them back then.

    I'd rather save the money and put it toward taking a lady out to dinner... what's your wife doing Friday night? :whistling:

  4. I use mostly Lee dies. I prefer their sizer. I don't know who makes the best seating/crimp setup for SS loading. I like my Lee seating die a lot. It works better then the Hornady IMHO. Others disagree. I never use it to crimp so who knows about that.
  5. I have die made by almost everyone that makes them. If you feed any of them clean brass, on a single stage, you will die before they do.
  6. I am not sure what yo uare looking for. For most handgun applications, anyones dies make good ammo. Some have better finishes & QC, but if the dies are sound, the ammo will be. I like Redding dies a lot, my first choice other than Dillon dies. I use them all though.
  7. No blue die vs red die debate? I'm dissapointed.:faint:
  8. It would seem silly to use Dillon dies on a Single stage. Seating die doesn't have a crimper built into it. Sizing die has a taper that isn't needed for a SS.
  9. It's implied.:whistling:
    Correct, you would have to buy an expander to produce ammo on a ss press. So Redding usually gets my first choice, at least for rifles. I am fine w/ 3-die Lee sets & have several for loading on the ss when I don't want to break down one of the progressives to load 20 test rounds.
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  10. Alright, just got off work here in a far away land and have read, what I consider to be a real lack of solid advice and opinion.

    Jack, my wife asks about you frequently... "How's your friend on Glock Talk and how is his health." (she thinks somehow we are close since I commented on your health to her) To which I respond, "He's seems to be OK and all seems to be good." She is available for dinner on Friday and would love to go out with you if it were not a several thousand mile drive.

    Since my dies seem to be adequate (based upon above responses) and my rounds shoot perfectly, I guess I'll save some money. I really did expect that there would be some major expenditure I could make based upon recommendations. The elite have spoken and it seems not so.

    I have retired my LFCD (but not thrown it away). I do seat and taper crimp, even on my ss press, in two steps.

    Thanks for the comments even tho I am a bit disappointed that a major argument did not erupt. This certainly seemed like a more worthy topic than a butt plug in a Glock where I read 100 posts last night.

    Gotta run and double check with the wife on the dinner invite.
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    Hen it comes to dining with a lady distance is a deterrent only to the lazy and unimaginative.

    Does she like Italian food? :whistling:

  12. Even a possible bonus if she becomes smitten.:whistling:
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    I'll let you guys know when I wear out my RCBS dies.
  14. freakshow10mm

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    I think you should upgrade your press before you worry about your brand of dies.
  15. It's on now. What's wrong with my RCBS SS and my Lee SS presses??

    And Jack, I talked to the wife. She confirms her taste for Italian food. She laughed. I asked her if she had anything to say to you. She replied, "I'm not witty." She then asked if this conversation was where people could see it. I said, yes, on GT. I think I might be in trouble, not sure.

    She says she's exclusive, so I think I might be safe.
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  16. Give them to me.:whistling:
  17. GioaJack

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    If she feels exclusive keep her, they're hard to find. You're a lucky guy.

  18. freakshow10mm

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    Nothing wrong with them. My comment was in regard to buying a turret or progressive press and increase production rate.
  19. I know what you mean. You are a quality guy. Just trying to start a fight on this long business trip to keep me entertained. The extra alcohol from the mini-bar itsn't helping with my judgement.

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