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  1. Mornin all,it's 5:02 AM and yes,brain semi-alive and well,self-check,systems seem normal,for me anyhow! Wow,I can't wait to get home to rest.
    Some may think that a hospital is a good place to rest,WRONG!
    every 4 hours something or some one is poking ,proding ,pinching
    always something! That's a normal day,then you have your abby-normal days when the doc comes by . This look they have,
    like even they are wandering ,Hmmm? Just Hmmm? I do not understand Hmm? What are you saying ? same answer always!
    We shall see or time will tell. .........? I some how feel better when they don't come! Seems to me even they are amazed
    that I'm still here! Just Hmm?
    Enough of me ,how are all of you doin? Well I hope!
    Had a dream about "road-kill" ,Thanks Tous !:supergrin:
    Frozen "road-kill",thanks Pes!

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  3. My wife came to see me :cheerleader:and I always enjoy that.
    after some pleasantries,she shows' me a bill from this doctor,
    The one that goes Hmmm? all the time ,$900 for the Hmmm?

    I told her to give me the check book , pen and the return
    envelope. I signed it and wrote HMMMM? ! on it with no dollar amount, just HMMM?!,sealed it and told to mail it to him!:supergrin:

  4. Well,the wife has once again turned our home-theater room into a "MASH" unit once again,She's getting pretty good at this stuff I must compliment her on that. Fourth time in some nine and a half months.
    Then we have the nurse twice a week,"eye-candy" is all I will confess to !
    I will be home thursday and back to my "abby-normal" life.:elephant:I still make my wife and doctor laugh so that's good.
    My next major choice is hat. That is gonna be tuff though!
    I've got this drainage tube sticking out of my head and was pondering,Hmmm? What would "GUCCI" do?
    I thunk about it and ask the doctor if I could perhaps have another tube ,a fake one on the other side.Balance,braid it maybe,dreds,something and a durby,Hmmm?
    I will keep the spirits up and once again ponder this!!:supergrin:
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  5. Hello HelloHelloHelloHello Hello Hello !

    An echo .....?

    Fore warned !!! Don't make me start that agian !!OK then !
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  6. Out of all the places I surf,this is my favorite. I come here for a mental vacation.I can think of no better place to relax and let my guard down and boy have I.

    With all due respect I tryed to entertain and got much more than I put forth !:supergrin:
  7. tous

    tous GET A ROPE!

  8. We really need pink mooses ! How are you Tous,man of not so many words? Well I hope!
  9. tous

    tous GET A ROPE!

    Doin' as well as the good Lord allows, amigo.
    How's by you?

  10. Doing well I'd say. I don't know what they say but feel pretty damn not so bad!Thanks fo axen!:supergrin:

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