ALL Big Foot sighting are......

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  1. Hmm you mean because they are supposedly loaners? I have been aloof about the whole thing. For the GT record let it be known that I do not necessarily believe in Big Foot. I just cant completely discount the possibility.

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  2. I can't completely discount the possibility that witches, ghosts and vampires exist either...that said, I have to go with the evidence and/or lack thereof.

  3. It is impossible to prove that Sasquatches don't exist. No matter how hard people try to find them, they simply might be perfectly elusive. Wherever people look, Bigfoot might be somewhere else. That said, it is easy to prove Bigfoot exists. So, I await the proof. Until then, judgment reserved and skepticism high.

    I do find it interesting that many people go Bigfoot "hunting" with nothing more than cameras, despite the abject terror allegedly felt by many Sasquatch "witnesses" in the presence of one of the animals. Is Sasquatch supposedly a fearsome beast or is Sasquatch a benign, gentle giant?
  4. I think the last thing Sasquatch needs is a bunch of TV nitwits running around in the woods in the dead of night making a lot of racket.

    If you want to see one. Go deep into the woods. Sit down and STFU. Blend in. Even other critters can smell and hear a human for a mile or better. Old Timers we've met who live back in will neither confirm nor deny their existence.

    They are curious creatures to be sure. If you read up on them any you'll learn they aren't stupid.

    We used to hunt a lot in an area that is being studied for some time now. No one is talking about what they are finding, yet. Think it's been under study for about five years now.

    We left that area about ten years ago. And we have watched some TV programs where they are filming in areas and trails we spent much time on back then. We are waiting to see what they come up with or if it is even published.

    Some times we could go in and spend all day. Other times we wouldn't stay an hour because stuff wasn't right. We've heard but not seen. Thank God. This is not just one area but a whole zone that doesn't seem all that wild but is indeed.:shocked:
  5. And yet, with thousands and thousands of hunters prowling the woods, at least some of whom are experienced at blending in and don't make a racket, not once has a Sasquatch been dispatched and brought to light. Curious, no?
  6. Not to mention the hundreds of trail cameras set up to catch the movement of animals, especially along known trails (as we have been told are also used by Sasquatches as they track their prey).
  7. Had a friend who was a renowned archeologist here in NJ....he was responsible for uncovering the Dark Moon Indian Village and recovered thousands of artifacts and grave sites....none of this ever materialized into money, fame or wealth....that's just the type of fella he was....unfortunately he passed a few years back but before he did he called me one day to come up to his office to see something....he wouldn't tell me what over the phone.
    So over I went....he pulled out some 8.5 X 11 photos he took and went on with his story...he told me one early snowy Dec. morning he was called and ask to go to a farm in Port Jervis NY area ...the owner wanted to speak with someone who could tell him what was going on out there in the evenings....the pics showed a moderate snow fall and a split rail wooden fence in the the foreground was a young girl on horseback standing in the field.....So I asked what this was about...he said look at those tracks in the snow....they go down through the meadow and accross the field...he said while he was there this girl was out riding on her horse and he asked her to come over and take a pic next to the tracks....he wanted to be able to have something in the pic that could show how far the spread was between foot prints...then he said he found some hairs attached to the top of the split rail fence where something walked over friend knew at that moment what he was dealing with but never mentioned it to anyone other then me.....I was shocked to look at these pics and listen to his story......and by the way, he was the most honest fella I ever met......I thoroughly believe Bigfoot exists based on our discussion and his pics.
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  8. OK, here is the experience of die-hard skeptic who has some doubt about skepticism.

    In the late 1980s I was hunting in on the west side of Oregon's Coast Range. I had been hunting and woods prowling since I was a kid. I driving from one location to another on some old logging rods way up in the hills. I had the window down and was almost stopped by an odd smell. I stopped the truck and got out to investigate. I parted the brush on the side of the logging road to discover another, tangential OLD logging road headed up the side of a hill. The road was covered in a carpet of moss. In the moss was what looked very much like a set of bipedal foot prints, but indistinct due to the moss itself. The moss was definitely freshly crushed some what, and the odor got stronger as I followed. These "prints" were large that my size 9 boots were making by a noticeable amount, they were also so far apart that only with a long stretch could I bridge between them. Now I could very easily dismiss them as some form of wildlife and a bit of my own imagination and something natural causing the musky smell. I was really convincing myself of this until I looked at my own footprints. Every one of mine had torn the moss carpet at either heel or toe as my foot dug in. The "tracks" I was following showed no sign of tearing as I had seen previously with the hooves of elk or the claws of bears going either uphill or down hill.
    I convinced myself that it was merely an anomaly created by a known animal. Funny thing was, I did a bit of research later and found that the Indians of the are had called the mountain "Spirit Mountain". Coincidence that proves nothing.

    I never mentioned this to anyone and a couple of years later a good friend of mine who was older and has a son my age told me over coffee one Monday morning, very excited, that his son and daughter-in-law had "Seen a Bigfoot" that weekend. They were staying at a vacation rental many miles due west of where I had my "trail adventure". They were in the hot tub at the house on a well known river a couple of miles from the ocean. The said a large, dark creature had come out of the brush across the river and knelt down and drank from the river.
    Now I know this man and if his son said it, his son saw it. BUT I think this was probably a hoax to give the vacation renters a thrill and generate business. It was closer to the town than I could excuse or overlook.

    It got really interesting to me years later when I moved back to my country homeland on the coast. I was the museum curator and unofficial but de facto County Historian. I had access to all old newspapers and official documents and records. That is when things started to make me go "Hmmm"

    I started "snooping into an unsolved death case from the 1880's. Before the Indians in the area had been rounded up some 25+ years earlier they had talked about the 'Wildman" in the area. From newspaper reports I was led to the Deputy/Marshals log. Here is how the story played out.

    It was at a gold mining "camp" actually a series of individual one to four man camps along a stretch of river. One of the miners went to the neighbor's camp a mile or so away from his and when he got there he found the camp wrecked and the two occupants dead. He went to the next camp and sounded the alarm. Someone rode to the town about ten miles way to get the law. The town wasn't the county seat but there was Deputy/town Marshal lived there and he came back and brought the town Doctor and a group of volunteers with him (a Posse of sorts). According to the Doctor's report and the Marshal's log/report. The camp was demolished. There were no identifiable prints at all. The Marshal had first assumed that a spooked herd of elk had stampeded the camp. There wasn't one single print or track that supported that conclusion. The Doctor reported that the bodies were intact but most of the large bones had been broken or crushed without many external wounds, not even "Compound" type fractures that would break the skin. No claw marks, hoof marks, bites nothing . Cause of death was listed as "Internal hemorrhage and multiple fractures from unknown cause".

    I am not ready to say there couldn't have been an explanation, but it is darned had to kill one man, much less two by crushing them without breaking the skin.

    Their gold was pretty much accounted for and there was no one in the area that had a grudge and the men were well liked. In that day a vigilante lynching would hardly have been questioned in a "gold camp" had the men some transgressed severely enough to warrant terminal punishment.

    The two graves are still up there somewhere having been lost to the elements.
  9. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    lots of good stories, should sell some books if ever compiled into one but, other than stories, poorly shot video and questionable still photos there isn't any proof. no proof in decades of modern reporting, modern recording, modern videoing, modern science, modern DNA, modern anything.

    stories, entertaining as they are, they lack what is needed: proof.
  10. That would be the first incident of a BF killing someone that I know of....Hmmmm.
  11. And maybe the last, too. Hmmmmm.
  12. What if they are mythical creatures that turn back into humans during the day. I saw a fella in the gym the other day who could have passed for BF just saying :)
  13. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    naa, what you saw was a werewolf.

  14. But we were not in London?
  15. This thread is an example of why, in my opinion, bigfoot is the most interesting and scary of the monsters.

    Vampires, werewolves, mummies, etc, all have a strict comic bookness about them. Fantasy stuff. Fun scary movies, but no substance.

    However, when we talk of bigfoot, you get rational believers and plausible stories. Hair raising reality. Is it real or not? Hard to say for sure. Ok, lots will say not real at all. But you could still tell them a story that will make them think twice :)
  16. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    come on man, theres more proof of werewolves than there are of bigfootses.....i mean look at all the movies about werewolves and hardly any about bigfootses...thats because there more proof of WW than there are BF.
  17. I was talking to the Easter bunny the other day. He showed me pictures of himself, santa claus, superman, and BIGFOOT HIMSELF at an IDPA match

  18. That looks more like a 3 Gun match. I heard Bigfoot got DQ'd for stepping outside the Shooting Box.
  19. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    you cant possibly even entertain that there might be bigfoots when you deny trail cam photos of werewolves....
  20. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    heres footage found on a cam corder in the woods by some hunters. no idea who the owner was, all that was with the recorder was some shredded clothing, lots of blood and a human foot.

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