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all around fitness

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning' started by jdsumner, May 29, 2005.

  1. Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen:

    This is only about my third post here in Glocktalk, but let me say this is one of the most informative and entertaining forums I've had the pleasure of joining. I was MOST impressed with this area of Health and Fitness.
    If I may be so bold, I would love to share my training routine with you guys in exchange for some critiques and suggestions. Also, would love some of you guys to post your routines. Gimme an idea where you where when you started, and where you are now, and your goals. Especially you folks with 'home gyms'. The 'garage gym' is what I use. With a wife and 2 kids, I have to train when I can. Usually early a.m. But, sometimes, just whenever.
    So, let me know if thats kosher, and you guys can start helping me achieve better results.


  2. Hi Dan,
    Welcome to Glock Talk. I would love to read what you are doing. I am probably not the best guy to run a routine by, as I do not necessarily work off of routines. My weight pile is in the back yard which faces South West. It gets cooking back there. I think it is good for mental and physical toughness. I just moved my bar storage area inside the garage, otherwise I can actually burn myself.
    My workout area is in the dog run. Gravel on the ground with a plywood lifting platform. I can tell how long it has been since I worked out by counting the dog poop piles. I clean up between sets...
    Most of my workouts revolve around clean, clean and press, deadlift, front squats, overhead press, and snatch. For kicks I will throw in behind the heels deadlifts.
    I also have a "body by Jake" pullup rack that I do pullups on. I have a big sandbag that has about #135 of sand. I can get it to either shoulder but I cannot yet press it overhead. Soon, though, very soon..
    I have thick handled dumbells that I made by connecting concrete filled coffee cans with three inch PVC around two inch pipe. If I cannot curl them, I practice farmers walking with them. I also skip rope and run barefooted occasionally. I do not run more than three miles at any one time.
    I have tires on a post in the back yard as well. I hit them with a smoothandled 2x3 hickory stick. That is great for hands and forearms. I also have a 100# heavy bag that I hit bareknuckled and carry up and down the hill in front of my house. The hill is about 150 yards long, and I can make about two laps with the bag.
    I also have a 90# bag of concrete that I left out in the rain. Now it is a 90# rock. I stick that in an old backpack and walk up and down the hill as well. I can only manage about two laps on that as well. Someday I am going to do a lap with the heavy bag while carrying the backpack. Not so soon, though, not so soon...

    Good training,

    by the way, I have a wife and two kids and a 12 hour shift job. Time constraints are a bummer..

  3. Dang Dude, You Rock!!!

    I get up at 5am. 30mins on elliptical machine, interval training. 10mins stretching. 5 hard mins abs. Mon-Fri.
    Mondays/Thurs = chest, traps, lats, delts.
    Tues/Fri = legs, bis, tris

    Monday: Flat bench d'bell press for as many as possible,
    Bar shrug for amap,
    Dumbell pullover for amap,
    Upright rows with ez bar for amap = 1 set (or cycle.)
    1 minute rest between 3 of these sets.
    Thurs: Incline d'bell prss
    rest is about the same as Monday, try to vary excercise.

    After last set, 3 min rest onto back and shoulders:
    Upper back row of some sort for amap,
    overhead press on smith machine for amap,
    upper back row (diff from first) amap
    side delt raises w d'bells amap = 1 set (or cycle.) 1 minute rest between 3 sets of these.
    3 minutes on elliptical to cool down and stretch lightly.

    Tues & Fri: legs- these exercises are performed more for pure conditioning and stamina.
    1 minute jumps
    1 minute ham curls
    1 minute wall squats
    1 minute hard ham stretches
    performed 3 times thru no rest.
    3 minute rest, on to tris and bis:
    nose breakers ez bar amap
    close grip ez curls (free or preacher) amap
    cable pulldowns with rope
    wide ez curls = 1 set
    1 minute rest between either 2 or three sets (or cycles.)

    Wed: tread water in the pool. Working my way to 15 mins straight.

  4. Dan,
    I am afraid I may have misled you. I do not do all that in one workout;P I wish I could. I am approaching 40, well okay I just entered my late 30's, but I certainly do not have the gas to do evrything I listed in one day. Svend Karleson(sp), Zidrunis Svikis (sp) and Raimonds Bergmannis(sp) would all have to watch their backs otherwise... How come all the big boys' names are so hard to spell?

    I listed many of the exercises that I do on any given day in some combination or another. My workouts are generally about 45 minutes, and very rarely stretch to an hour. I have started doing some ab specific work at the suggestion of a few other senior GT members.

    I generally keep my reps short, like 3 to 4, and my sets in the same range. I'll start with cleans, then front squats, then deads, then press, then pullups, then farmers walk, then crunches. Then I am basically done. On other days I will omit some exercises and add some others. The dog gets aggrevated if I leave my stuff all over her area, so I have to clean up after myself each day.

    Your workouts look just fine. The only things I could possible suggest right now are some more multi-joint exerises. For example back or front squats and dead lifts. I do not have any machines, so I cannot compare what I do with a Smith.

    Congratulations on getting up every morning. That is one thing I cannot do. I work rotating shifts, some days and some nights, and my job is 1:15 away from my home. I try to workout pretty much every day off that I have, and then at work I do bodyweight exercises as I am able.

    Keep up the good work.
  5. Hey, Garytn, I knew what you meant, BUT you still Rock!!

    Those are all very "outside the box" exercises. I mean, how many people outside of Strong Man competitors do farmer's walks?

    I should have specified, my reps are goal = 15. But I try to keep the wieght heavy enough that I might get 15 on the first set, but one to four reps less on the other 2.

    My goals are wieght maintenance, all around strength and fitness. Last T'giving, I wieghed 248lbs. Now, I wiegh 215 lbs. I know the scale is not the true measure fitness, but it does give you an idea of how much excess I had to lose.

    Hope we get some other replies. But, whoa, man, you are really tearin it up!

  6. California Jack

    California Jack Millennium Member

    Aug 2, 1999

    Do you have a squat rack or do you clean the barbell for front squats?

    jd and others,

    My barbell workouts are similar to Gary's. However I just gave up the OLs. I may restart cleaning sometime though. ALso, although I mostly consider it an accessory movement, I just started benching, I may try a push pull meet in October..

    I do not have any strongman type equipment, but as soon as I buy a new house I will aquire a tire, a sled and farmers bars.

    For conditioning/cardio I sprint/hill sprint and do HIIT. Very occasionally I'll go for a longer run. Hackenschmidt did road work, so I guess I should sometimes too

  7. Jack,
    If I am feeling really froggy, I'll put enough weight on so I have to get way down in the clean to get it. The I'll do front squats from there. But if I am going all out on the front squats, I use a rack. I do hold the bar with my hands so my elbows are out, just like the real Oly lifts. I have a co-worker who was on the Bulgarian Olympic team in 1972. He is really inspiring. He weighted #138, and snatched well over twice that. Unbelievable. I get a few very brief private lessons from him (really just discussions). I have not been able to get him to a gym. I do not think I could pay him enough to make it fair.

    Strongman stuff is fun. Just find really heavy stuff and see how many differnt things you can come up to do with them. There is no set list of strongman events. Each meet seems to have a new twist. If you get really imaginative and sadistic, you might make money designing strongman events.

  8. California Jack

    California Jack Millennium Member

    Aug 2, 1999
    WOW! That is really cool. Does he still lift? Have you ever asked him about his feelings about the massacre? How old is he now? Have you ever approached him on the issue of drug use? That's back when they still had three lifts. How does he feel about the press being eliminated? 2x bw snatch is really impressive. Most lifters never get bodyweight. Who are his favorite lifters both past and present? I have so many questions!

    If I had something like that, I'd bring bumpers and barbell to my office!

    That's so cool!
  9. Thanks Jack,
    He really is an impressive guy. He defected right around then, taught himself English, put himself through college and got an engineering degree. Most everyone is a slacker compared to him.
    He does not do any big lifts anymore. He qualified for the Boston and ran it last year. He is trying to qualify for New York now. He only does very light lifting now.
    I try to give him as much space as I can, he is a former world class athlete afterall. He is very nice, but also very intense. I have a lot of questions myself, if the opportunity ever presents itself, I will try to ask some of the ones you mentioned. My one private lesson happened in the plant. I asked him about cleans, and he picked up a brooom handle and proceeded to give me about five minutes worth of instruction. Just watching and listening to him for those minutes gave me enough to work on for the next two years. All of our other exchanges have been short conversations.
    One story is that very shortly after he hired on with my employer in the early eighties, he was in the elevator with a decent sized co-worker from another department. Stefan looked up ( he is only 5'0" in heels) and asked "how much do you weight"? Coworker answered "about 175". To which Stefan replied in what I imagine to be his best Ivan Drago accent "I could lift you with one hand". Then he smiled and got off on his floor.
    World champion class athletes really are in a class all by themselves. Thanks for the interest.

    EDITED: edited for accuracy on the story. I checked with the guy who was actually there. I really butchered it the first time. Sorry.
  10. NDGlock

    NDGlock OIF2, KFOR12

    Jul 22, 2001
    North Dakota

    Cool story about the co-worker. It would be cool to workout with someone like that.

    I mentioned before about how much of a zone one gets into. I am no world-class athlete but I think I know what you mean about intensity. Competitiveness combined with work ethic and natural ability combine to make some people larger than life.

    I read through your improvised workout and commend you on making it a part of your daily routine.

    Just reading that makes me think of improvising in Iraq before I was able to build my own weight set (see attached).

    I notice you do a lot of olympic style lifts and core lifts. Good on you, you won't go wrong with that.

    I am not familiar w/the body by Jake pull-up system but the classic pull-up bar is a necessity IMO.
  11. Now I feel like even more of a girlie-man. What a gerat set up. I love your squat rack. The body by jake is a cheap sporting goods store cage that you do chinups, dips, and hanging leg raises on. There are also pushup handles on the bottom. I basically bought it for the chin ups and dips. Though now i feel like a real slacker for not building my own.
  12. NDGlock

    NDGlock OIF2, KFOR12

    Jul 22, 2001
    North Dakota
    Thanks Gary.

    I was in Iraq w/an engineer unit and we brought the wood with, thinking we were going to be building our base camp. Instead, we took over an Iraqi airfield and we used the wood to make base improvements.

    Anyway, I just used 2x6s and 6x6s w/wood screws and angled circular saw to make the cuts. Good times.

    I can't stress how doing pull-ups w/and w/out full gear helped keep my back in shape. Dips are always good. Go for volume and range of motion. If you feel spry, hang some weights on a belt. Same w/pull-ups...mix up the volume w/some heavy weighted pull-ups. Your lats will flare after awhile:)