Al-Qaeda spokesman calls on Americans to 'buy guns and start shooting peopl

Discussion in 'The Furball Forum' started by HerrGlock, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. HerrGlock

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  2. Sounds like a plant from the Brady Center.

  3. I wonder how many people will believe that
  4. Beats the hell out of trying to convince someone to strap on a bomb and leave with the choir.
  5. Rizzo

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    ...or "honor kill" your daughters/family for being too "American".

  6. All the ignorant ones.
  7. I've been hearing about that on the news! I've searched high and low for that gun show. Never found it. Doubt I will.
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    Oh So True!!


  9. I`m I missing something....were do all these automatic and non-gun checks at? Every gun show I go to its like sign here, blood here, permit # here...
  10. M&P Shooter

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    That means 99% of the world:crying:
  11. We buy the guns, Al-Qaeda brings their people and ammo. How does it get any better?
  12. They will have better luck killing us with slurpies and jerky :rofl:
  13. What is HE waiting for? He's free to marter himself at any time.
  14. the iceman

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    Sounds like Al-Qaeda is getting very desperate.
  15. G29Reload

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    He's on the same list bin Laden was on. Has a treason charge pending.

    If encountered, he'll be shot and get to swim off of an aircraft carrier.

    Later scumbag. Bottom of the ocean, swim with the fishes.
  16. think about what you said, this way...

    Sounds like the Brady Center is an Al-Qaeda plant.

    now, which one sounds more plausible...:whistling: (seriously)
  17. itisbruno

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    That arse needs to be a marter.
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  19. So did Al-Qaeda join Brady, or did Brady join Al-Qaeda?
  20. Quote:
    Originally Posted by bob_fuller View Post
    I wonder how many people will believe that

    All the ignorant ones.

    That's damn near EVERYBODY in the United States.:shocked:

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